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coming soon

Coming up… I hope to write a small post with a pic each day or two.  Just to bring you all up to speed with where I am at.  Make sense of all this for ya.  It has been a busy year for me craft-wise.  The most happening ever.  And why not, I seem to betting the hang of this whole blog thing.  I really want to get my hands on one of those bar graph thingies though, show I can display project progress at a glance.  It is something I need for peace of mind, I do work in project management, after all.


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It was meeee…

Oh, boy.  Yeah.  I am the one responsible for the yarn that reminds me of the time we all discovered that vast quantities of Cheetos don’t mix well with Johnny Walker.  Err, sorry for the visual, here is a more realistic but only slightly less disturbing one.

Swatched, as best I could anyway.

This is my first attempt at spinning.  I’m gonna go get lessons now.  🙂  Considering I was aware I had the wrong type of fibre (especially for a first-timer) and was using a DIY ‘spindle’ made of an old CD with an 11.5 mm plastic crochet hook in it, I think it could have been worse. 


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Post with pic

Is this not the ugliest yarn you have ever seen?  Well it is for me.  BF says it is more like dreadlocks than yarn.  He is right.  Sadly this pic does not actually do it’s fugliness justice.  I hope that a shot of it knitted up (to come) will be more effective in this.

Heh.  Yes it is truly awful, and who do you think is responsible for the creation of this monstrosity…

…stay tuned.

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Getting there…

OK.  So I am starting to get the hang of this.  It all looks reasonably pretty now and havin’ a little bit of a bio page makes it all look more official I think.  Time to get down to posting up pictures of projects and such.  Maybe the odd comic book ramble too.  Perhaps, given a week, I could have this looking presentable.  🙂

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How do ya drive this thingo?

Arrrgh!  Think I am gonna need a weekend course before I can work this thingo out.  I am sure I figured out most stuff.  But I just cannot be effed with it ’till I get pictures sorted.  That, and I thought you could make this thing look like you want.  Really, really individual.  If I can’t make a dreamy looking page, of my own imagining… then I’m outta here.

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