It was meeee…

Oh, boy.  Yeah.  I am the one responsible for the yarn that reminds me of the time we all discovered that vast quantities of Cheetos don’t mix well with Johnny Walker.  Err, sorry for the visual, here is a more realistic but only slightly less disturbing one.

Swatched, as best I could anyway.

This is my first attempt at spinning.  I’m gonna go get lessons now.  🙂  Considering I was aware I had the wrong type of fibre (especially for a first-timer) and was using a DIY ‘spindle’ made of an old CD with an 11.5 mm plastic crochet hook in it, I think it could have been worse. 



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2 responses to “It was meeee…

  1. Hey, look at you spinning! What are you going to make with your yarn? I really want to learn how to spin. Where are you getting your lessons from?

  2. He he, you crack me up Crow Jane. 😉 See the next post for what I made. I ended up with only a really tiny ball so I was only able to make a small swatch. As yet, I have not designated it as a functional object of any sort (so it is still just a swatch), but I am open to ideas. I haven’t had a lesson, hence the bad bad ‘yarn’. It looks much worse in person, oh and it feels dreadful too. I plan on getting lessons at the spinners guild next year.

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