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All in a nights work

I took my magic yarn ball to my local S’n’B group last night.  How could I not?  I had to show off, ‘cos it is just so beautiful.  Of course, my knitting compatriots had much fun poking at the ball, trying to make prizes fall out.  This was intended to tease me, they are aware of my determination to knit to the end.  They did not succeed (so nyaa!), nothing fell out prematurely and I really did not yell much at all.  🙂  The irony is that it was completely unnecessary, I was un-knitting trinkets left right and centre.  See for yourself…

Matching embroidery scissors earings and stitch markers.  Such sweet vintage style.

Polymer clay, knit themed stitch markers.  I love these, they are adorable.  I must try to find more of these beads.

Silver hoop earings in two sizes.  Another heart patch and matching green stone bracelet and earings.  That bracelet is going to work well next to my jade bangle.  Also, I am thinking I may try wearing the smaller hoops with stitch markers dangling from them.  Only my fellow knitters will notice.  Well, and maybe any blog readers I happen to bump into on the street (not likely).

 Lastly, a comb sporting li’l pencil buttons, too cute.  A fabric headband, which of course matches my skirt today (by design this time).  See those two little packets with beads and findings; yup, they are DIY earing kits.  How very appropriate for a swap where you need to craft to get at the goods!

Now this is a truck load of stuff, especially when you recall just how much I received with the ball earlier (see page 20 of the Craftster thread if ya don’t remember, link in earlier post).  But wait!  There’s more… I took the bus to work this morning, for more crafting time than ones can get on the train… and I received a whole lot more.  Like I said this ball is spitting out trinkets left rigt and centre.  Today’s post to the Magic Yarn Ball Gallery thread on Craftster will show these, I promise.

***edit*** added link to pics as promised above***


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One Skein Wonder, number 1

Done!  I love OSWs, I actually finish them before I get bored or feel the need to begin a new project ::-)

I actually finished this off last night, but have had trouble getting a good picture.  This ic isn’t great either, but hey, you should have seen the others.  Oh boy!

With OSW numero uno out of the way, I have been able to begin work on the magic yarn ball one skein wonder (what a mouthful) in earnest.  Of course, you will have already read my last post, so you already know that 🙂  The yarn ball has finally given up two of it’s goodies (pictures here near bottom of page.  It intrigues me that they popped out at the same time.  I think that perhaps Sharre wrapped two items at a time in order to help make the yarn ball a nice round shape.  True?  Well, I don’t know yet.  But a few more knitting hours and I should be able to tell.

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One Skein Wonder, number 2

Well, swatching done, I have begun my second One SkeinWonder.  It is of the magic yarn ball of course. 

This pic really does not do the pretty mermaid shades justice.  But I shall be sure to take one that does when the peice is a little bigger.

Unfortunately, the magic yarn ball has not given up any more prizes, yet, maybe at lunch today it will.

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Knitting on the go

My first ever One Skein Wonder shurg is almost complete.  As you can see here…

 …I have finished both sleeves.  I am now onto the back/neck/sides ribbing.  Yeah!  It is almost too easy.  I have done a little lunch-time work on this since the pic was snapped.  I have only to cast off and turn the loose ends (and fuzzys [don’t ask, I’ll cover them, next post]) in.  I expect to finish this afternoon on the bus  back to the local yarn store.  Hmmm, whatever will I wear with it tomorrow?  And, why am I busin’ it back to the LYS so soon?  This is why…

My magic yarn ball goes mobile.  This picture was taken on the ‘meander’ bus this morning.  MYB got it’s own seat for most of the trip.  Aww.  I decided I must at least swatch today.  I fear that the ladies on the magic Yarn Ball gallery thread at might come after me if I don’t show regular progress.  Well, they are not quite that bad (it is too early for me to be in any real trouble 😉 ), but I do understand that they wanna see what goodies lie within.  I do too, but I am strong, I will not unwind.  Sooo, anyway, back to the topic at hand… this swatch was short lived.  I will need much smaller needles than the ones I am using currently.  OK, I could use the metal circulars at home, but they are quite short.  That and the simple fact, that I just don’t wanna.  Gimme bamboo anyday.

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The art of tease

I received my magic yarn ball from Sharre today.  Woo hoooo!

It looks great.  But I think you wanna see what’s under that top layer too…

A little more love…

Woo!  Yeah!  Take it all off.

Heh heh, nice.  I like.                 C’mon, aaand the rest…

Sorry.  I am silly for sure.  Maybe a little misleading too.  This isn’t quite yarn porn, as I may have suggested to some of you in order to lure you in here.  But I felt that this swap package was so awesome it deserved some kind of fanfare and unveiling.  As for the title here, well, what I have learned of the magic yarn ball, is that it is a great big tease.  The idea of knitting to get at my presents is most appealing.  But, as a quick trip to the forum threads on Craftster will reveal, it is all too much for most.  Many of us give in to temptation and unravel almost imediately.  Of those of us who choose to knit our allocated patterns (mine is another OSW by the way), retreiving  the bounty as we go, I will be interested to see how many of us can go the distance.  I swore from the start I’d knit to the end, but only time will tell.  Afterall, just look at all those packages trying to escape their yarn prison up there.  I do so want to help them free.

Go here for more on just what the heck a magic yarn ball thingy is anyhow;   links listed about 6 paragraphs down from the top are particularly helpful.

  …and here for more pictures of this particular ball.  bottom of page OK.

I really have been spoilt.  You see, there were a number of presents outside the main yarn ball.  Anything already on the outside of the ball is clearly fair game…  so I have already opened them and posted pictures for all to see.  I suspect this was a merciful ploy an my swap partners part.  I hardley feel the urge to cave in and unravel, because I already have half of my goodies.  So take a look.  But you have been warned, it may make you  little jealous.  Mwa ha haaaa!

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Making progress

I am racing along to try to finish my One Skein Wonder before the arrival of a magic yarn ball.  Still on track at this stage.  Here ’tis

I am about 22 rows in so, I estimate I’m a little past the half way mark.  I have switched to circulars, I simply could not fit that many stitches on my straights any longer.  They are brand newies I picked up yesterday especially for this purpose and they are just lovely.  My ordeal yesterday, in trying to obtain them was awful though.  Long story short; I received very bad info from a public transit phone service; which place me on the wrong bus route; this landed me at the wrong end of my destination suburb (despite my having given the operator a street address to work from); a second bus trip and long walk (part of it along a main road not meant to take pedestrian traffic) ensued.  I was very, very late back to work.  Yes, unfortunately this all happened on my lunch break.  I treated myself to new sock needles and pack of cute Clover needle holder thingies (the ones that are bright little rubber jumpers/sweaters).  This was my compensation.  🙂


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One for me this time around

I have finally made a start on a One Skein Wonder.  Hoorah!  This is a long time coming.  I have had the pattern a while, I just don’t seem to get around to making things for myself.  At least I know I will finish this.  I am hoping this will be one of those patterns you cherish forever and make again and again, year after year.  Kinda like a favourite sock formula (well, I don’t use a  pattern for socks).  It is likely, as I do wear a lot of shrugs and similar.

 I cast on yesterday, on the train before work.  This is what it looks like so far.

Yep, thats Panda Swifty Knit you see there.  My ‘love to hate’ yarn.  The colours make me feel really joyful as I knit.  The lack of twist, tendancy of the many loose fibres to catch and fluff, and its infuriating ability to just break mid skein… well these things all combine make me feel mad as I knit.  I’m a glutton for punishment basically.  I know better than to use a crap yarn on a new pattern, but I  cannot help myself.  It is just so purtdy, I still love it.

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