One for me this time around

I have finally made a start on a One Skein Wonder.  Hoorah!  This is a long time coming.  I have had the pattern a while, I just don’t seem to get around to making things for myself.  At least I know I will finish this.  I am hoping this will be one of those patterns you cherish forever and make again and again, year after year.  Kinda like a favourite sock formula (well, I don’t use a  pattern for socks).  It is likely, as I do wear a lot of shrugs and similar.

 I cast on yesterday, on the train before work.  This is what it looks like so far.

Yep, thats Panda Swifty Knit you see there.  My ‘love to hate’ yarn.  The colours make me feel really joyful as I knit.  The lack of twist, tendancy of the many loose fibres to catch and fluff, and its infuriating ability to just break mid skein… well these things all combine make me feel mad as I knit.  I’m a glutton for punishment basically.  I know better than to use a crap yarn on a new pattern, but I  cannot help myself.  It is just so purtdy, I still love it.

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