Making progress

I am racing along to try to finish my One Skein Wonder before the arrival of a magic yarn ball.  Still on track at this stage.  Here ’tis

I am about 22 rows in so, I estimate I’m a little past the half way mark.  I have switched to circulars, I simply could not fit that many stitches on my straights any longer.  They are brand newies I picked up yesterday especially for this purpose and they are just lovely.  My ordeal yesterday, in trying to obtain them was awful though.  Long story short; I received very bad info from a public transit phone service; which place me on the wrong bus route; this landed me at the wrong end of my destination suburb (despite my having given the operator a street address to work from); a second bus trip and long walk (part of it along a main road not meant to take pedestrian traffic) ensued.  I was very, very late back to work.  Yes, unfortunately this all happened on my lunch break.  I treated myself to new sock needles and pack of cute Clover needle holder thingies (the ones that are bright little rubber jumpers/sweaters).  This was my compensation.  🙂


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2 responses to “Making progress

  1. ooohhh…it looks great so far. I love the colours.
    I hope the yarn ball arrives soon cause a different parcel I sent with it arrived in far north QLD today and surely the yarn balll didn’t have as far to travel 😉

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