The art of tease

I received my magic yarn ball from Sharre today.  Woo hoooo!

It looks great.  But I think you wanna see what’s under that top layer too…

A little more love…

Woo!  Yeah!  Take it all off.

Heh heh, nice.  I like.                 C’mon, aaand the rest…

Sorry.  I am silly for sure.  Maybe a little misleading too.  This isn’t quite yarn porn, as I may have suggested to some of you in order to lure you in here.  But I felt that this swap package was so awesome it deserved some kind of fanfare and unveiling.  As for the title here, well, what I have learned of the magic yarn ball, is that it is a great big tease.  The idea of knitting to get at my presents is most appealing.  But, as a quick trip to the forum threads on Craftster will reveal, it is all too much for most.  Many of us give in to temptation and unravel almost imediately.  Of those of us who choose to knit our allocated patterns (mine is another OSW by the way), retreiving  the bounty as we go, I will be interested to see how many of us can go the distance.  I swore from the start I’d knit to the end, but only time will tell.  Afterall, just look at all those packages trying to escape their yarn prison up there.  I do so want to help them free.

Go here for more on just what the heck a magic yarn ball thingy is anyhow;   links listed about 6 paragraphs down from the top are particularly helpful.

  …and here for more pictures of this particular ball.  bottom of page OK.

I really have been spoilt.  You see, there were a number of presents outside the main yarn ball.  Anything already on the outside of the ball is clearly fair game…  so I have already opened them and posted pictures for all to see.  I suspect this was a merciful ploy an my swap partners part.  I hardley feel the urge to cave in and unravel, because I already have half of my goodies.  So take a look.  But you have been warned, it may make you  little jealous.  Mwa ha haaaa!

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