Knitting on the go

My first ever One Skein Wonder shurg is almost complete.  As you can see here…

 …I have finished both sleeves.  I am now onto the back/neck/sides ribbing.  Yeah!  It is almost too easy.  I have done a little lunch-time work on this since the pic was snapped.  I have only to cast off and turn the loose ends (and fuzzys [don’t ask, I’ll cover them, next post]) in.  I expect to finish this afternoon on the bus  back to the local yarn store.  Hmmm, whatever will I wear with it tomorrow?  And, why am I busin’ it back to the LYS so soon?  This is why…

My magic yarn ball goes mobile.  This picture was taken on the ‘meander’ bus this morning.  MYB got it’s own seat for most of the trip.  Aww.  I decided I must at least swatch today.  I fear that the ladies on the magic Yarn Ball gallery thread at might come after me if I don’t show regular progress.  Well, they are not quite that bad (it is too early for me to be in any real trouble 😉 ), but I do understand that they wanna see what goodies lie within.  I do too, but I am strong, I will not unwind.  Sooo, anyway, back to the topic at hand… this swatch was short lived.  I will need much smaller needles than the ones I am using currently.  OK, I could use the metal circulars at home, but they are quite short.  That and the simple fact, that I just don’t wanna.  Gimme bamboo anyday.

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