One Skein Wonder, number 1

Done!  I love OSWs, I actually finish them before I get bored or feel the need to begin a new project ::-)

I actually finished this off last night, but have had trouble getting a good picture.  This ic isn’t great either, but hey, you should have seen the others.  Oh boy!

With OSW numero uno out of the way, I have been able to begin work on the magic yarn ball one skein wonder (what a mouthful) in earnest.  Of course, you will have already read my last post, so you already know that 🙂  The yarn ball has finally given up two of it’s goodies (pictures here near bottom of page.  It intrigues me that they popped out at the same time.  I think that perhaps Sharre wrapped two items at a time in order to help make the yarn ball a nice round shape.  True?  Well, I don’t know yet.  But a few more knitting hours and I should be able to tell.

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