All in a nights work

I took my magic yarn ball to my local S’n’B group last night.  How could I not?  I had to show off, ‘cos it is just so beautiful.  Of course, my knitting compatriots had much fun poking at the ball, trying to make prizes fall out.  This was intended to tease me, they are aware of my determination to knit to the end.  They did not succeed (so nyaa!), nothing fell out prematurely and I really did not yell much at all.  🙂  The irony is that it was completely unnecessary, I was un-knitting trinkets left right and centre.  See for yourself…

Matching embroidery scissors earings and stitch markers.  Such sweet vintage style.

Polymer clay, knit themed stitch markers.  I love these, they are adorable.  I must try to find more of these beads.

Silver hoop earings in two sizes.  Another heart patch and matching green stone bracelet and earings.  That bracelet is going to work well next to my jade bangle.  Also, I am thinking I may try wearing the smaller hoops with stitch markers dangling from them.  Only my fellow knitters will notice.  Well, and maybe any blog readers I happen to bump into on the street (not likely).

 Lastly, a comb sporting li’l pencil buttons, too cute.  A fabric headband, which of course matches my skirt today (by design this time).  See those two little packets with beads and findings; yup, they are DIY earing kits.  How very appropriate for a swap where you need to craft to get at the goods!

Now this is a truck load of stuff, especially when you recall just how much I received with the ball earlier (see page 20 of the Craftster thread if ya don’t remember, link in earlier post).  But wait!  There’s more… I took the bus to work this morning, for more crafting time than ones can get on the train… and I received a whole lot more.  Like I said this ball is spitting out trinkets left rigt and centre.  Today’s post to the Magic Yarn Ball Gallery thread on Craftster will show these, I promise.

***edit*** added link to pics as promised above***



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3 responses to “All in a nights work

  1. Wow, that looks like such fun!

    Good for you.


  2. Ok, I am guilty of serious poke-age, but it was all in good fun! 🙂

  3. janefeebles

    The poking had to be done. It’s like those plastic protector sheets that come on watch faces and moble phone screens- people leave them on and I can’t handle it, they have to come OFF!!

    That said, what a great haul. Those polymer clay canes are incredible! I want some!

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