…and now for something completely different

Because I have been such a bad girl this holidays (what, with all the not posting and all) and because it is remiss of me to not have done this sooner… a present to my readers (*snort!* yeah readers, funny), a proper chuckle post.

Hmmm, is it wrong to crochet a jumpsuit of lime purple and fuchsia granny squares?  Well, the short answer, is YES!  Any one care to tell us why?



Filed under Chuckle, Crochet

3 responses to “…and now for something completely different

  1. Even the guy thinks its wierd, look at the expresion on his face, and the dog looks like he’s spooked by the color choice. It’s really amazing how serene the chick looks, but who knows, maybe she’s high?

  2. She could well be high. I think if I stare at those squares long enough, I’ll be in danger of getting a little high myself.

  3. I love that the dog is staring right at this woman’s crotch, pointing to the mitered squares which form a triangle RIGHT THERE… this is too funny!

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