Yeah! I’m back.

Righto holidays are over all is back to normal.  I have much to tell and many pictures to share.  I don’t quite know where to start.  OK, a OSW/magic yarn ball update is in order I believe.  I’m done.  It is great.

This pic was taken to celebrate my finally having completed the band, albeit on the third attempt.  I picked up WAY to few stitches the first time.  The second time around was great but I reached the end of the ball three quarters of the way through my cast off.   So, I unpicked the cast-off and the last row, and cast-off again (natch).  I really despise unpicking cast-off edges.

This is all that was left.  Phew!  Made it, just.

This is the whole kit and caboodle.  Well, actually two fab poly stitch markers are missing ‘cos they have been pressed into service.  I couldn’t wait, they rock.  It was a great experience, I’d recommend magic yarn ball swapping to anyone.

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