Yarn for the everlovin’ blue-eyed thing

I wanted to show off my latest foray into yarn dyeing.  I call it Sweet Aunt Petunia’s Blue-Eyed Thing.  Impossibly long (and ever so slightly wanky), yeah I know.

It is destined to become a set or two of baby hats and socks.  None of the parents-to-be I know are expecting deliveries anytime soon, so that is why I wanted to show off my colourway a little early.  I had found it difficult over the holidays to obtain a blue that was rich enough to satisfy me.  I just don’t have that much Kool-Aid, and it is not the right shade.  This blue came from 2 packs of Easter egg dye and a whole lot of vinegar.



Filed under Dyeing, Finished Objects

2 responses to “Yarn for the everlovin’ blue-eyed thing

  1. Johnathon Altes

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  2. Willy Burdeshaw

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