It is all happening (wordy, you’ve been warned)

I’m halfway through my third attempt at a One Skein Wonder.  This time around I am mixing it up a bit.  I am working much longer sleeves, contrast bands an a hood.  Well, the hood is still at ‘maybe’ status.  If I don’t add a hood, I’ll replace it with a collar.  I have the hood sorted in my head, time will tell whether or not it works in reality.  Sorry I do not yet have a picture, to show my progress.  This is unusual, as I loathe to post without a picture (I am yet to work out why).

As my guy Mickey and I will be taking our first rock’n’roll dancing lesson next week, I have picked up hoop, floss and needle again.  I decided that it would be cute to have our names stitched on to our shirt fronts.  So I have begun one for each of us.  Just polos for now, we are only learners after all.  Err, pictures soon OK?  In the meantime, I picked up a copy of Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching at the post-Christmas sales.  It was a bargain at only $26.00 (that’s AUD people), yeah!!  As you can imagine my head is spinning with new project ideas, which is great, but they have to wait because…

…I signed up for the Tea Time swap on Craftster.  As the name suggests we will be swapping crafty goodness based on a tea theme.  I am quite excited about this one.  I have been assigned my swap partner already, it is her first ever swap too.  She is one cool lady, so I can tell already, this will be a riot.  “Hiya Lady Lanalla”.  Hey, if this swap is even half as much fun as the magic yarn ball swap, I’ll be one happy gal.  Well, I have more than enough ideas for this.  I have the supplies already to go for one item, and most of what I need for two more, an original design drawn and a few filler items collected up.  I feel organised for once.  😉  I will be breaking one of my swap rules for this though (I almost always do), it is the ‘don’t knit for a knitter/sew for a seamstress/stitch for a master embroiderer’ rule.  I’m sure you know what I am getting at.  I’ll just have to do a good job then, won’t I?  🙂

Now that is about as much craft as I can handle at one time.  I know some folks manage a lot more, but my organisational skills are not top notch, and hey, I’m not ‘most folks’.  I can just see my Mum rolling her eyes at that.  It is all good.

 On the non-craft side of life it has been quite dramatic of late.  I thought I was hard done by last Thursday when after a shopping trip, I parked outside my home and discovered my ability to unlock my car door was, surprisingly zero.  I had to call BF to come with a spare key to let me out.  (Well OK, I could have crawled across to the passenger side, that is f it wasn’t so full of shopping.)  Nah, that was nothin’.  My house was overrun by spiders last Sunday night.  Huntsmen.  Ick!  Around about bedtime, BF and I found our bedroom had played host a hatching.  We spent the next few hours rounding them up, not fun when you are tired.  They just kept coming out from nowhere (it seemed), I eventually gave up and slept on the couch (not kidding, didn’t not sleep much or well either), sadly not before disgracing myself completely.  I managed to wake BF up with my blood-curdling (his description not mine) scream when I was confronted by mummy huntsman.  It was quite unreasonable of me, but I was overtired and highly creeped out before I saw her.  It was all to much for me.

 Two days later, my clothes rack died.  It snapped in two places spilling half of my vintage clothes on the floor.  Dresses, coats, gowns and all are still in an unceremonious heap on the bedroom floor.  I am not game to touch them, as their vicinity is still prime spider territory.  The hunting down of the little ones is sill an ongoing task.  Besides, I now need to raise the funds to replace the rack.  There really is nowhere in our little unit to put it all until then.  😦  Sure, it is not as bad as a bedroom full of spiders, but I’m still not impressed.

 Don’t worry, I am still having a good time, believe it or not.  I easily have enough craft and comics to keep me sane and I have finally got my hands on a Sea Quest DSV DVD (I have been complaining about it not being available on DVD for about a year now).  I won a remote controll 4-wheel drive in a raffle.  I can’t say it is an item I have long been lusting for.  But, it is pink and purple and has huge clear wheels that light up.  Wooo!  I’m not complaining, that is cool.  Hey, I guess I ought to put up a snap of that too, but does anyone actually wanna see it?  🙂  Hey, I just remembered, somewhere amid all that fun I have been having, I managed to cause a power failure at home.  It is all good though, I fixed it.  Which is only an achievement in that I have never had to do that before.  See?  I told you it was all happening.

Nice of ya to get this far.  Thanks.  Now because i just could go without a picture, here are my two favourite guys. 

Mickey and Johnny Storm.  Aw cute!  I figure one bird shot is fair.  There is barely a knitter out there who doesn’t have half a dozen pictures of their cat their on blog.  Sorry cat lovers, no kitties here, I am allergic.  Cats and I have a lot in common though, perhaps too much, could be why we don’t get along.



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  1. With the 70s and 80s back in style, I just loving vintage clothing from the thrift shops. You can find designers like Chanel and Armani for cheap there. Ebay is great too!

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