One Skein Wonder number three

I believe I mentioned a few posts ago, that OSW #3 is in the works.  It is taking a back seat to embroidery at the moment, so I keep forgetting to show it to you.  Here it is folks, thanks for your patience.  It is currently known by it’s working title Soggy Froot Loops, thanks for the help with that Jane Feebles.

What is that growth up top there?  Heh, I decided I would like to have a go at a hood.  Hey, why not right?  I am not aware of anyone having attempted one yet, so I am having a go.  Of course, I have no idea as to how a hood is worked up, so I am winging it.  So far, I have created a nice collar shape.  So if it doesn’t work out, I’ll unravel back to here.  Wow, I have a plan B, unusual.  🙂

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