Vest request

I told my guy last night, I’d like to knit him something this coming winter, but was concerned about my ability to choose a design he would actually wear.  That’s easy he says, make me a Punisher vest.  He is right, that is easy, I’ll do that, um later.  I’ll try to get the yarn soon, while it is still summer and yarn is on sale.  Now, all this prompted me to sift through my collection (mess, whatever) to see if I had a plain basic men’s vest pattern.  I found two things.  First, that I do not have a plain basic men’s vest pattern.  Second, this…

What do ya think?  Sure is an eye catching design this one!  Yes, I have posted this here primarily for gag value.  But there is something else you ought to know about this bold vest.  I have made one.  Yup, a few years back I hooked away and completed one of these babies in royal blue and bright purple.   It was quite a regal shade of purple too, as I recall.  As you will have guessed, it was a bit of a gag at the time.  From memory it was well received, but I guess you never really do know.  So, I’d like to put the call out for a picture (if it is indeed possible, I don’t even know if the vest still exists on this plane), and give a shout out to my buddy Rich.  Hi Richo, how are you, how is the vest?  Can we see it, please?  It has been a very long time since I laid eyes on it, and I am sure folks would get a kick out of seeing it too.  Right guys?  Heh

The picture quality is lacking here, sorry about that.


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2 responses to “Vest request

  1. Hey Vicki,

    I’ll go through my lot and see what I can find for you. I seem to have a good collection of men’s patterns…only thing is they will be 5ply or smaller. They should be able to be adjusted fairly easily though.


  2. Aw thanks. No need to worry though, I think I’ll go sans pattern for this one.

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