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Have FOs, wanna show ’em

Yup, it is true.  Miss Vicki has indeed finished a few projects.  I really want to get to show them off, but most either don’t yet have photos (that are fit to show the world) or are for swaps.  So for most, it seems we will have to wait.

In the meantime, I give you my crocheted/knitted office set.

I realize two cosies doesn’t really make a set.  But in my defence, I have since made a coaster to match the take-away drink cosy.  I would really like to make a fourth item.  In the same yarn as the headset earpiece cover, of course.  Any suggestions as to what that item ought to be?  So far, Iam considering a lip-gloss organizer or a pot plant mat, but would like to hear of other cool ideas.

What started all this?  The foam earpiece cover on my headset had turned bad.  It was deteriorating and shedding.  It was gross.  So I asked to have a replacement ordered.  At that same time, I was thinking (the usual) “I can do that, heck I can do better”.  So I selected a fun yarn form the office stash and set to work.  It took me all of two minutes, so I shouted myself a coffee to celebrate.  Needless to say, it was very hot and the corrugated paper cup just wasn’t cutting it (I am a bit of a temperature wuss too).


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Tea time

Yeah!  Lady Llanalla has received the package I sent her for Craftster’s tea time swap.  This means I can now show you all the crafts that went into it.  I embroidered her a set of napkins first off.

This is my best embroidery to date.  I made sure of it because I didn’t want to embarrass myself (Lady L embroiders too).  I drew the design freehand.  It is a simplified version of something I had seen floating about once, with added monogram.  I was so proud of myself, I snapped a pic of the back of one.

Seriously, that IS the back.  Mmmm neat.  Like I said, I don’t normally bother on my own stuff.  But to be fair, I usually work on items that will only be viewed from the front.  These babies will be seen, both sides, up close.

 Well, I think she liked ’em, which is pretty cool.  What went down really well though, is the milk jug cover.  Yup, you heard me right, milk jug cover.  Due to a lack of time this arvo, I shall put off posting it up until tomorrow.  Aaand, I can’t wait to show off the awesome printed tee I have received from Quincy134.  I haven’t yet, as I have only taken crummy action shots this far.  I require assistance to get a shot to do it justice. 

Must be off, heading over to Brisbane S’n’B’s first ever meeting at a licensed venue.  Hurrah!


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Where did you knit today?

Me?  Today I have knit in all the usual places.  On my couch, on the footpath (on my way to the train station), on the train (and at the platform beforehand of course), at work and at a cafe.  That is all well and good, but in my lunch-break I decided I’d surround myself in something a little more picturesque.  How does this grab ya?

Not bad eh?  I sat myself on a bench in front of this at Roma Street Parklands.  I had the water feature behind me, I really do love those running water sounds, even if it is of the recycled variety.

Here’s one more, it shows the water and betrays the fact that I was still pretty much in the CBD. 


You really wouldn’t know there is a drought on, just looking at this.  But a heck of a lot of plants have been replaced.  Most are now more hardy varieties from dry climates, many are natives, some are even succulents.  I think I had been a little afraid to come here of late (without realizing it), I guess I didn’t want to see the gardens in a drought stricken state.

 Well, my day is done, so I am off to knit my way home on the train.  Then it is back to the trusty couch I should think.  🙂

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Yarn ball pics, as promised

OK.  Here it is, the magic yarn ball I posted out to Sharre last year.  We had both chosen to send out the same pattern, despite not having discussed it.  Yup, that is where the One Skein Wonder pattern came from.  As you can see, that is one big ball (I have left my hand in the corner for reference), pretty neat too I must say.  It really is an art, wrapping all those goodies in, and not producing a giant yarn blob (as some in the swap were dubbed).

Now this baby had a lot of stuff in it.  For example…

A covered tape measure key-ring, a needle book and custom knitting needles.  Admittedly I did not wrap the needles into the ball, they were just resting beside it in the box.  I know my limits guys, well OK, some of them.

Stitch marker (knitting) key-ring, crochet stitch marker key-ring, stitch marker (for large needles) bracelet, matching phone charm, earings and brooch.  Now, that is all the crafted stuff.  The rest…

… Tootsie rolls, mini Sharpies, Kool Aid, nail polish and a mini cross stitch kit.  The cross stitch kit would seem an odd addition, considering my swap partner was already adept at cross stitch.  My intention was that this kit be kept in reserve for one of those times when you get all crafted out.  It happens to me when I have undertaken too many big projects.  At which point, I pull out one of these little kits from my stash.  I stitch it up in no time at all, but not before reworking the text to give it a little Subversive Cross Stitch style (no prizes for guessing what the one above would end up saying).  Sometimes it makes me feel better to complete a small and snarky item.

 So why was I, an Australian, sending Tootsie Rolls and Kool Aid to another Australian?  Spend even a few minutes on the boards at and you quickly realize that most folks there are from the US.  You heard about all the goodies they have quite regularly, but soon find that they are rare as hens teeth down here.  I like to sharegood finds with my fellow antipodean Craftsters occasionally.  I got my hands on some half-priced milk duds the other day, but I didn’t share those, sooo good.

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What on earth have I been up to?

I have certainly been quiet of late, not many posts from me at all.  Why?  I have been crafting away like crazy, but all of it for Craftster swaps.  I don’t like to reveal swap items before they have been received.  Some people do (usually with a heading warning the swap partner not to look) and that is OK.  But as I said, I don’t like to do it.  So I have not had much I could blog about, and have been too busy to do so anyhow.  What with all that crafting, and getting a lot done at work for once too.  🙂

 This morning I snapped pictures of the one non-swap related project I have finished in a fair while – determined to blog about it today, no matter what.  While I was doing this, it occurred to me that I haven’t shown everyone the great stuff that I made for the last swap.  The Magic Yarn Ball swap was something that delighted me for many weeks last year and deserves a wrap up post I think.  I will endeavour to do that in a few days time, be warned now, it will be a very long and picture obese post!  As you may well have seen before, a MYB and all the goodies it contains fills a good many photos.  It will be a good thing to share I think, and will fill in some gaps I had not yet realized I’d left, after all it is what set me off on the path to near obsession with Glampyre’s One Skein Wonder pattern in the first place (see previous posts which feature my OSW #’s 1, 2 & 3).

 Which brings me to the pics I was taking this very morning…

Introducing my One Skein Wonder number 4.  Yes, I realise I have not yet finished number 3.  This was mostly completed for therapeutic purposes, you see, OSW#3 has been giving me trouble.  No, it is not the hood that is the problem.  The hood I gave it, is pretty great in my opinion, thanks very much.  It is the bands that are giving me headaches.  I have lost count of how many times I have re-started them.  So, when times got tough, I worked on number 4 for a while.  I had always planned on making one with an all-over basic eyelet lace pattern anyhow.  I am hoping that number five will have long sleeves and that I will then be done.  Well, not before making matching tops, tanks or boob tubes for most of them.  Oh how I do love a matching set.

Here is a close up of the stitch pattern, un-blocked.  Well hey, I told ya it was a basic eyelet pattern.  I really meant basic, it could not possibly be more simple.  K2, y over, K2tog (that is on the right side, just purl right through the wrong side reows, but you already knew that).  That is it, after the first few rows it became brainless to work.  I like the effect, it is a nice and cool fabric.  Oh, and that’s Moda Vera’s Ciuf Ciuf, in colourway 8 by the way.  It is 63% Merino 21% Nylon and 16% Acrylic, feels very fluffy soft indeed.  Best of all, I had the good fortune to pick up 11 balls at an insane $1 each.  As I have used less than 2 1/2 balls, I am planning a matching tank.  When I have completed all my swaps that is.

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Hey look what I’ve won

I was entered in a raffle at my local newsagent for being a good customer, and… I actually won something.  OK, it is kinda silly.  I will admit to not having much use for a remote controlled 4 wheel drive (I have already promised it to my little cousin).  But still, this is very cool I think, I mean the wheels light up and everything!  Great for a freebie.  Hmmm, maybe I could take it for one tiny little spin around the office while I still have it eh?

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