Yarn ball pics, as promised

OK.  Here it is, the magic yarn ball I posted out to Sharre last year.  We had both chosen to send out the same pattern, despite not having discussed it.  Yup, that is where the One Skein Wonder pattern came from.  As you can see, that is one big ball (I have left my hand in the corner for reference), pretty neat too I must say.  It really is an art, wrapping all those goodies in, and not producing a giant yarn blob (as some in the swap were dubbed).

Now this baby had a lot of stuff in it.  For example…

A covered tape measure key-ring, a needle book and custom knitting needles.  Admittedly I did not wrap the needles into the ball, they were just resting beside it in the box.  I know my limits guys, well OK, some of them.

Stitch marker (knitting) key-ring, crochet stitch marker key-ring, stitch marker (for large needles) bracelet, matching phone charm, earings and brooch.  Now, that is all the crafted stuff.  The rest…

… Tootsie rolls, mini Sharpies, Kool Aid, nail polish and a mini cross stitch kit.  The cross stitch kit would seem an odd addition, considering my swap partner was already adept at cross stitch.  My intention was that this kit be kept in reserve for one of those times when you get all crafted out.  It happens to me when I have undertaken too many big projects.  At which point, I pull out one of these little kits from my stash.  I stitch it up in no time at all, but not before reworking the text to give it a little Subversive Cross Stitch style (no prizes for guessing what the one above would end up saying).  Sometimes it makes me feel better to complete a small and snarky item.

 So why was I, an Australian, sending Tootsie Rolls and Kool Aid to another Australian?  Spend even a few minutes on the boards at Craftster.org and you quickly realize that most folks there are from the US.  You heard about all the goodies they have quite regularly, but soon find that they are rare as hens teeth down here.  I like to sharegood finds with my fellow antipodean Craftsters occasionally.  I got my hands on some half-priced milk duds the other day, but I didn’t share those, sooo good.

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