Where did you knit today?

Me?  Today I have knit in all the usual places.  On my couch, on the footpath (on my way to the train station), on the train (and at the platform beforehand of course), at work and at a cafe.  That is all well and good, but in my lunch-break I decided I’d surround myself in something a little more picturesque.  How does this grab ya?

Not bad eh?  I sat myself on a bench in front of this at Roma Street Parklands.  I had the water feature behind me, I really do love those running water sounds, even if it is of the recycled variety.

Here’s one more, it shows the water and betrays the fact that I was still pretty much in the CBD. 


You really wouldn’t know there is a drought on, just looking at this.  But a heck of a lot of plants have been replaced.  Most are now more hardy varieties from dry climates, many are natives, some are even succulents.  I think I had been a little afraid to come here of late (without realizing it), I guess I didn’t want to see the gardens in a drought stricken state.

 Well, my day is done, so I am off to knit my way home on the train.  Then it is back to the trusty couch I should think.  🙂


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