Tea time

Yeah!  Lady Llanalla has received the package I sent her for Craftster’s tea time swap.  This means I can now show you all the crafts that went into it.  I embroidered her a set of napkins first off.

This is my best embroidery to date.  I made sure of it because I didn’t want to embarrass myself (Lady L embroiders too).  I drew the design freehand.  It is a simplified version of something I had seen floating about once, with added monogram.  I was so proud of myself, I snapped a pic of the back of one.

Seriously, that IS the back.  Mmmm neat.  Like I said, I don’t normally bother on my own stuff.  But to be fair, I usually work on items that will only be viewed from the front.  These babies will be seen, both sides, up close.

 Well, I think she liked ’em, which is pretty cool.  What went down really well though, is the milk jug cover.  Yup, you heard me right, milk jug cover.  Due to a lack of time this arvo, I shall put off posting it up until tomorrow.  Aaand, I can’t wait to show off the awesome printed tee I have received from Quincy134.  I haven’t yet, as I have only taken crummy action shots this far.  I require assistance to get a shot to do it justice. 

Must be off, heading over to Brisbane S’n’B’s first ever meeting at a licensed venue.  Hurrah!



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2 responses to “Tea time

  1. These are awesome! I’ve done a fair amount of embroidery, and never have I ever achieved a back as neat and clean as these. Great job!

  2. my backs look like viscera, but really pretty viscera.

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