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Skeins on trains

What a way to start the day ūüôā

I am now the proud recipient of a whopping 8oz skein of handspun yarn.¬† This beauty was crafted for me by the wonderful RecycleMicol as part of Craftster’s Handspun for Handcrafts Swap (round 2).¬† Rather than leaving it at home this morning, I took it along for a nice train ride.¬† I have shown it to everyone at work who I have caught standing still for even the slightest moment.¬† I wish you could all feel how soft it is, hmmm merino.

A smaller hank of an undyed yarn came along too, just for the ride.  I caved in and broke the no-yarn-purchases-today rule last Sunday, buying just this one hank at Fibre Fest (an annual display of works by members of the Queensland Spinners Weavers and Dyers Guild).  It is 85% Polwarth, 15% Soy silk.  Also very soft.

Check out the beautiful range of colours spun in.¬† Everyone who knows me will agree this is very me.¬† Nice work RM!¬† Thank you so much.¬† ūüôā¬† I plan for this to be knit up into a vest by the time winter starts here down under.¬† The hard part will be choosing another yarn to play the background role to this yarns accent.¬† After¬†Ifinish off RM’s crafty package that is.¬† For more picturesand a look at all the other goodies produced in the name of this fun swap, check out the Craftster swap thread

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This here carrot is headed Stateside

Hi guys.¬† I have been quiet of late, for the usual reason.¬† I am crafting for swaps, so¬†I don’t want to¬†show you all what I am crafting until it has all reached it’s destination.¬† I have a sneak peak for ya though, an amigurumi carrot made specially for RecycleMicol’s little boy.¬† He love’s orange, I’m told, so he gets a carrot.¬† Poor thing ūüôā¬†I am a bit of a meanie I guess.

But what is with that face!?

I guess Mr Carrot here, doesn’t like the threat of being made to eat chocolate?


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3 Hour Sweater

I finished a 3 Hour Sweater.¬† I’d say it took me about 10 hours ūüôā¬† What can I say, I knit slow.¬† I think with practice I could make one in about 6 hours, but not 3.¬† Here she is;

It is only waist length, as you can see.¬† Some really huge needles were employed here, 5mm and 10mm.¬† That accounts for the speed and also provides much of the shaping.¬† I made¬†a few modifications; my waist band is 4 inches deep instead of 3, I omitted the ribbing from the top section and used the smaller needles to compensate somewhat, this made it a little larger which is the effect I was after.¬† I also left out the decreases before the armband,¬†as it turns out¬†my size 12 forearms are almost twice the size of¬†1930’s size 16s.¬† That crazy colour scheme comes from 2 yarns in the Sean Sheep range, not sure if that still exists, I have had them a while (this was a stash busting mission for me).¬† I was surprised but just how much work this was in seaming.¬† Because I had used two yarns instead of one,¬† and because the fabric is so open I had a lot of extra work there.¬†

¬†Overall, I like it.¬† When it gets colder I will certainly be wearing this one in the office.¬† I would definitely modify it to be worked top down in the round, next time though.¬† I think I’d like a nice little cardigan version too.¬† For more about the pattern and a link to the pattern itself, check out the Craftster thread on this.¬† It is worth a look to see what this looks like worked in a single yarn, and also to see the many mods other folks have made.

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I want your advice

I was fortunate enough to pick up some nice mustard coloured yarn in a local thrift store Yesterday.¬† But I don’t know what to knit with it.¬† I want a garment, I have decided that much.¬†¬† Not sure just what though, as I have never knit with a fuzzy yarn before.¬† Yesterday evening I was thinking it looked like a shawl, but this morning I thought cropped lace cardigan, and this arvo I was thinking maybe it had a future as a cabled vest.¬† So please guys, any suggestions or advice?¬† I hope so, ‘cos I clearly have no (good) idea.

It is a little more yellow/mustard than this pic shows, hope you can get the idea though.  It is Heirloom brand and is a 50/50 mohair and wool blend.  I got 8 whole balls, 50 grams each.  A good haul for my ten bucks I think.


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Tea Time again

Because I loved the tea time treats Lady Larry Llanalla sent me.¬† I went looking for more.¬† It was a lot easier than previous searches, now I have half an idea what to look for.¬† Today’s loot…

I didn’t find green tea flavoured Collon creme biscuits.¬† But I did get some green tea creme filled wafers, practically the same thing, I hope.¬†

I bought Tact Рchoc filled choc wafers Рbecause they are made by the folks that make the Collons.  I have polished them off already, they were very nice with my afternoon cup of tea, but they are the same as the wafers I am accustomed to. 

I foundmushroom shaped choc topped sticks again, this is a plus.¬† These are a different flavour though, red bean and white choc.¬† Yummy, but I prefer the plain chocolate ones that I was sent, they were very much like Pocky.¬† I struck out on the jelly beans (bottom left).¬† I asked for jelly beans, because the ones Larry sent me were the best I have ever tasted, better than Jelly Bellies.¬† These are not jellies at all though ūüė¶ they are a hard candy and not to my liking.¬† That is OK, I can;t win ’em all.

Last thing in the pic, the multi-pack of lollies at the bottom.¬† Great!¬† It has the chocolate marbles I wanted.¬† They are similar to, and better than Aussie Smarties.¬† It also has strawberry choc filled ones, bonus.¬† I think this must be the chocolate themed multi-pack, it contained two other varieties of chocolates, both are good too.¬† the one that impressed me most though was called coffee beat.¬† Think MM’s, but black coffee flavoured and shaped like coffee beans too.¬† They rock!

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Tea Time is here

I can hear Lady Llanalla breathe a sigh of relief, all the way from Vegas you know?¬† The package she sent me for Craftster’s Tea Time swap (gallery here has finally arrived.¬† It was a few weeks late, and not by any fault of hers.¬† Why then?¬† See for yourself…

Thankfully nothing was taken, but they do take their sweet time.¬† I understand the quarantine folks provide an invaluable service of course, but it can be a really nervous wait.¬† You don’t¬†know for sure they have your package, you just have to wait an extra¬†week or two to find out.

Enough of that, we all wanna see the goodies right?  Well, firstly go here (the 7th post down on page 18) if you want to see a picture of the whole package at once, it truly is huge.  Spoilt rotten I am.  There is also a good close up of the tea cup detail in the hand embroidery on the tote I received.  Photosof the nummy soaps and Collon (not a typo)creme biscuits too.

Stuff crafted especially for me.  A gigantic craft tote (sporting that great embroidery I mentioned earlier), a travel tea wallet to match, a zippered pouch in Spider-man fabric, address labels and a drawstring pouch which complements the tote lining really well.

Stuff for me to get crafty with; cookie cutters, two skeins of tea stained cotton yarn, bubble tea straws, a magic eraser (we don’t have those here in Oz), a fun pen and a green tea ice-cream¬†card.


Stuff to erm, well, stuff myself with.¬† That is just what I did!¬†¬†Most of the green tea still survives though, I am savouring it. ¬†I always love international treats and this time I have scored stuff from both the US and Japan.¬† Lady Larry tells me all kinds of awesome stuff can be bought in Las Vegas.¬† I have had no luck in finding any of this stuff in Bris Vegas, yet.¬† I have not given up though, I am a shopper after all.¬† If I can’t find it, you probably can’t get it.

Well, I told you I received a huge package,¬†I wasn’t kidding.¬† In fact I still haven’t shown you all of the lollies or any of the cool¬†buttons that were included.¬† Another time I think.¬† I’d also like to show you all the craft tote in action, as¬†Ihave not yet done it justice.¬† Don’t forget to check out the Craftster gallery link for the tea scented soaps, they were hiding in my fridge when these pics were snapped (it was hot, they were sweaty, I’m a dag).

 Thanks again Lady Llanalla.  Your a swap champion.

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Another Aviator Cap

I saw a lovely Aviator cap on the boards at Craftster ( here¬†), I just had to have one.¬† Just perfect with my new 30’s finger wave ‘do (er…still trying to make it work) and I just happened to have a ball alpaca blend yarn in a yummy camel colour.¬† Just a single ball I bought just to *ahem* check if it was any good.¬† Well, it was Lincraft brand after all.¬† ūüôā

The result;

…well, sorry.¬† Ever tried to photograph a hat you were modeling yourself?¬† I have!¬† I took about fifty shots, this one was best.¬† LOL!¬† ūüôā¬† Well, I’m sure you get the idea.

The Verdict;

The pattern was awesome.  It kept me interested from start to finish, no boring bits here.  It was easier than it looked, you just need to ensure you keep track of where you are up to and all is sweet.  Just look at that purdy texture.  I had no idea a k2 p2 rib could be so lovely.

The yarn was good and it was bad too.¬† It felt so soft, I could not stop touching it.¬† I could not put it down, in fact I finished this the day after I cast on.¬† Even for a small project, that is fast for me (I don’t often finish anything).¬† I have never been privileged enough to handle any 100% alpaca, but it must be divine, ‘cos this stuff is super extra soft and is only 45%.¬† The rest is synthetic, but there is no itch or scratch at all.¬† ūüôā¬† Well, that is all very good.¬† The bad?¬† There was three knots in the ball, a few thin spots¬†and one break.¬† Now I know that knots happen sometimes occasionally.¬† Apparently it can’t be helped that they pop up occasionally.¬† I am reasonable, I think, and would not fuss over one or two knots in a sweater’s worth of yarn.¬† But THREE knots in one 50 gram ball is really pushing the friendship.¬† But yeah, I bought cheap yarn from Lincraft, so par for the course I suppose?¬†

Meh, it was cheap, it was pretty and I love my hat to death.  So much so, I may have bought two more balls to knit a matching scarf.  Um, maybe.

¬†Mmm, nummy stitches ūüôā

Pattern can be found here¬† I used 1 ball of Lincraft Lima and 4mm bamboo circulars to get guage.¬† The pattern had two guages, I went for the finer one.¬† Next time I’d do the larger one as the cap doesn’t come down as far as I’d like (it fits though).¬† I reccomend using wooden needles of some sort to anyone knitting with this yarn, it is quite slippery.

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