Another Aviator Cap

I saw a lovely Aviator cap on the boards at Craftster ( here ), I just had to have one.  Just perfect with my new 30’s finger wave ‘do (er…still trying to make it work) and I just happened to have a ball alpaca blend yarn in a yummy camel colour.  Just a single ball I bought just to *ahem* check if it was any good.  Well, it was Lincraft brand after all.  🙂

The result;

…well, sorry.  Ever tried to photograph a hat you were modeling yourself?  I have!  I took about fifty shots, this one was best.  LOL!  🙂  Well, I’m sure you get the idea.

The Verdict;

The pattern was awesome.  It kept me interested from start to finish, no boring bits here.  It was easier than it looked, you just need to ensure you keep track of where you are up to and all is sweet.  Just look at that purdy texture.  I had no idea a k2 p2 rib could be so lovely.

The yarn was good and it was bad too.  It felt so soft, I could not stop touching it.  I could not put it down, in fact I finished this the day after I cast on.  Even for a small project, that is fast for me (I don’t often finish anything).  I have never been privileged enough to handle any 100% alpaca, but it must be divine, ‘cos this stuff is super extra soft and is only 45%.  The rest is synthetic, but there is no itch or scratch at all.  🙂  Well, that is all very good.  The bad?  There was three knots in the ball, a few thin spots and one break.  Now I know that knots happen sometimes occasionally.  Apparently it can’t be helped that they pop up occasionally.  I am reasonable, I think, and would not fuss over one or two knots in a sweater’s worth of yarn.  But THREE knots in one 50 gram ball is really pushing the friendship.  But yeah, I bought cheap yarn from Lincraft, so par for the course I suppose? 

Meh, it was cheap, it was pretty and I love my hat to death.  So much so, I may have bought two more balls to knit a matching scarf.  Um, maybe.

 Mmm, nummy stitches 🙂

Pattern can be found here  I used 1 ball of Lincraft Lima and 4mm bamboo circulars to get guage.  The pattern had two guages, I went for the finer one.  Next time I’d do the larger one as the cap doesn’t come down as far as I’d like (it fits though).  I reccomend using wooden needles of some sort to anyone knitting with this yarn, it is quite slippery.


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