Tea Time is here

I can hear Lady Llanalla breathe a sigh of relief, all the way from Vegas you know?  The package she sent me for Craftster’s Tea Time swap (gallery here http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=145496.0) has finally arrived.  It was a few weeks late, and not by any fault of hers.  Why then?  See for yourself…

Thankfully nothing was taken, but they do take their sweet time.  I understand the quarantine folks provide an invaluable service of course, but it can be a really nervous wait.  You don’t know for sure they have your package, you just have to wait an extra week or two to find out.

Enough of that, we all wanna see the goodies right?  Well, firstly go here  http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=145496.170 (the 7th post down on page 18) if you want to see a picture of the whole package at once, it truly is huge.  Spoilt rotten I am.  There is also a good close up of the tea cup detail in the hand embroidery on the tote I received.  Photosof the nummy soaps and Collon (not a typo)creme biscuits too.

Stuff crafted especially for me.  A gigantic craft tote (sporting that great embroidery I mentioned earlier), a travel tea wallet to match, a zippered pouch in Spider-man fabric, address labels and a drawstring pouch which complements the tote lining really well.

Stuff for me to get crafty with; cookie cutters, two skeins of tea stained cotton yarn, bubble tea straws, a magic eraser (we don’t have those here in Oz), a fun pen and a green tea ice-cream card.


Stuff to erm, well, stuff myself with.  That is just what I did!  Most of the green tea still survives though, I am savouring it.  I always love international treats and this time I have scored stuff from both the US and Japan.  Lady Larry tells me all kinds of awesome stuff can be bought in Las Vegas.  I have had no luck in finding any of this stuff in Bris Vegas, yet.  I have not given up though, I am a shopper after all.  If I can’t find it, you probably can’t get it.

Well, I told you I received a huge package, I wasn’t kidding.  In fact I still haven’t shown you all of the lollies or any of the cool buttons that were included.  Another time I think.  I’d also like to show you all the craft tote in action, as Ihave not yet done it justice.  Don’t forget to check out the Craftster gallery link for the tea scented soaps, they were hiding in my fridge when these pics were snapped (it was hot, they were sweaty, I’m a dag).

 Thanks again Lady Llanalla.  Your a swap champion.


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