Tea Time again

Because I loved the tea time treats Lady Larry Llanalla sent me.  I went looking for more.  It was a lot easier than previous searches, now I have half an idea what to look for.  Today’s loot…

I didn’t find green tea flavoured Collon creme biscuits.  But I did get some green tea creme filled wafers, practically the same thing, I hope. 

I bought Tact – choc filled choc wafers – because they are made by the folks that make the Collons.  I have polished them off already, they were very nice with my afternoon cup of tea, but they are the same as the wafers I am accustomed to. 

I foundmushroom shaped choc topped sticks again, this is a plus.  These are a different flavour though, red bean and white choc.  Yummy, but I prefer the plain chocolate ones that I was sent, they were very much like Pocky.  I struck out on the jelly beans (bottom left).  I asked for jelly beans, because the ones Larry sent me were the best I have ever tasted, better than Jelly Bellies.  These are not jellies at all though 😦 they are a hard candy and not to my liking.  That is OK, I can;t win ’em all.

Last thing in the pic, the multi-pack of lollies at the bottom.  Great!  It has the chocolate marbles I wanted.  They are similar to, and better than Aussie Smarties.  It also has strawberry choc filled ones, bonus.  I think this must be the chocolate themed multi-pack, it contained two other varieties of chocolates, both are good too.  the one that impressed me most though was called coffee beat.  Think MM’s, but black coffee flavoured and shaped like coffee beans too.  They rock!

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  1. The green tea flavoured biscuits sound wonderful. I would add a comment though. It is felt that mixing green tea with milk or cream possibly inactivates the catechins in green tea, the cancer-fighting phytochemicals. But, we can eat for taste, not just health!

    Lynne Eldridge M.D.
    Author, “Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time”

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