3 Hour Sweater

I finished a 3 Hour Sweater.  I’d say it took me about 10 hours 🙂  What can I say, I knit slow.  I think with practice I could make one in about 6 hours, but not 3.  Here she is;

It is only waist length, as you can see.  Some really huge needles were employed here, 5mm and 10mm.  That accounts for the speed and also provides much of the shaping.  I made a few modifications; my waist band is 4 inches deep instead of 3, I omitted the ribbing from the top section and used the smaller needles to compensate somewhat, this made it a little larger which is the effect I was after.  I also left out the decreases before the armband, as it turns out my size 12 forearms are almost twice the size of 1930’s size 16s.  That crazy colour scheme comes from 2 yarns in the Sean Sheep range, not sure if that still exists, I have had them a while (this was a stash busting mission for me).  I was surprised but just how much work this was in seaming.  Because I had used two yarns instead of one,  and because the fabric is so open I had a lot of extra work there. 

 Overall, I like it.  When it gets colder I will certainly be wearing this one in the office.  I would definitely modify it to be worked top down in the round, next time though.  I think I’d like a nice little cardigan version too.  For more about the pattern and a link to the pattern itself, check out the Craftster thread on this.  It is worth a look to see what this looks like worked in a single yarn, and also to see the many mods other folks have made.


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  1. I think you did a beautiful job! I just discovered this pattern and have been doing some research since it is getting mixed reviews. I’m petite so I might have to make it with smaller needles as I’m not so adept and resizing patterns! Anyway, lovely!

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