This here carrot is headed Stateside

Hi guys.  I have been quiet of late, for the usual reason.  I am crafting for swaps, so I don’t want to show you all what I am crafting until it has all reached it’s destination.  I have a sneak peak for ya though, an amigurumi carrot made specially for RecycleMicol’s little boy.  He love’s orange, I’m told, so he gets a carrot.  Poor thing 🙂 I am a bit of a meanie I guess.

But what is with that face!?

I guess Mr Carrot here, doesn’t like the threat of being made to eat chocolate?



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3 responses to “This here carrot is headed Stateside

  1. He’s so cute! I love his face!!!

  2. Oh…that’s too perfect! You forgot to mention that while he loves the color orange, he detests eating vegetables! Thus the carrot’s yucky facial expression! I know he’s going to treasure that, Miss Vicki!!! Can’t wait to have it here with us in Texas!

  3. Yeah!!!! RecycleMicol likes it 🙂

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