Crafting for the wee ones

Sorry I have been so quiet.  But I have been crafting my butt off.  Mostly I have been working on swap packages, of course, my usual excuse.  Well, one would think I would have used my time over the recent Easter break to finish up my outstanding swap crafts.  But I did not.  I realized all at once that not only did I have a baby shower to attend on Monday (for which I had not yet crafted, despite planning 2 projects and buying materials LAST YEAR), but also that I had neglected to craft for quite a few tots of late.  So last weekend I decided to fix it. 

First up is Spot’s onesie.  It has a tattoo in the style of one her Dad sports, so I am hoping it will be a hit.  I have to confess to knowing practically nothing about this type of tatt though, so I just hope I have not made some kind of faux pas here.  Perhaps one of my inked buddies can shed some light in this area?


Now, I know it is not the most original idea.  I have seen a lot of tattoo themed baby craft floating about already.  But I do not think the idea has been overdone, not yet.  It is still very cute, and so here is my contribution.  Oh and why Spot?  Well she has not been born as yet, and I guess you could call Spot her working title.  I believe it dates back to here first appearance on ultrasound.  Francis Bean anyone?

The rest of the weekend (‘cos the onesie only took me one day, sheesh!) I spent making hats from yarn I had dyed a while back.

No doubt you will all recognize the resemblance here to a certain umbilical cord hat from one of the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch books (I forget which, my bad).  I did not use the pattern, I don’t own a single Debbie Stoller book, but it is a super cute design.  I had to attempt it.  I think I did well.  One is a newborn size (it is for Spot too), the others a little larger for the tots that will be pushing one year old by the time it gets cold here in Oz.  There is actually four of these now, two in each colourway.  Both of these yarns have appeared here before.  The orange/blue is Sweet Aunt Petunia’s Ever Lovin’ Blue-eyed Thing and was one of my earliest posts.  The other is Swiftwind, and has long served as my title picture above.  They are so much fun to knit with and add a little personal touch.  Yeah!

 I’ll be back next week and I hope I’ll be able to show off the rest of the pictures of what I made RecycleMicol for the Handspun for Handcrafts swap.  Then it is on to an apron for a Craftster Apron swap, swatching for the Punisher vest BF requested (I now have yarn AND I have completed a chart, woo!), hunting for a yarn to compliment the handspun I have received and knitting the second half of a steering wheel cover I started, erm, last month.

You could say I have been busy.  🙂



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2 responses to “Crafting for the wee ones

  1. My tattoo is of an entirely different type but I love the onesie & bet if it’s hit you’ll be doing more for the adults in her life.

  2. Ooooo…I’ll have to get some better photos of the spinning apron you made for me, pronto! You really do need to post them here!!!

    Hugs and kisses from some very thankful swap-ees!
    RM and the fam

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