Oooh, I have been a naughty blogger again.

Yup, I have been absent again.  Same old excuse (I have been extra busy with swap crafting) and a new one, I have been sickly.  My allergies have been giving me a hard time, but I have got the ‘good’ drugs now and they are working too!  So just yesterday I finally began to feel human again, after being all rashy and itchy and swollen nearly all month.  Ack!  Eeew, enough about that.  What you really want is pictures right?  OK, well take a look at this lot,

Remember the beautiful handspun yarn that RecycleMicol sent me earlier in the month?  It was for Craftster’s Handspun for Handcrafts swap.  It seems RM felt I had overdone it, so she sent me more stuff, how awesome is that!  It is super sweet.  She sent me 2 packs of embroidery transfers, a generous handfull of ric-rack for me to stash and more knit themed stationery.  All of it is just the sort of stuff I love to collect up and always look for in my op-shop adventures, but I never seem to find.  So it is very thoughtful, thanks RM!!  You rock 🙂  No doubt you have noticed the yarn on the left hand side of the piccy above.  You cannot miss it!  It is a very unexpected, but most welcome bonus indeed.  If you wanna see a close up and my rantings on what I plan to do with it, pop on over to the Brisbane S’n’B blog.  I have already shared the yarn love over there, tee hee. 

Like I said, I was spoilt.  Now you have seen the carrot that I sent for this particular swap, but I believe I have neglected to share pictures of the rest of the package.  I was waiting untill all was received, as I don’t like to spoil the surprise (kinda mean I know).  That excuse is a good week out of date though, so I cannot use it here.  Well, I did tell you I have been a naughty blogger.

***eep! photobucket just went down for maintenance***  Grrr!  Sorry I will have to show you the goodies I sent out tomorrow.  What a tease.  In the meantime, you can see it all if you pop over to Craftster.  Here… RM has taken up a big chunk of page 11 with heaps of pictures of the crocheted apron and amigurumi I made for the kiddies.  It really brings a huge smile to your dial when you get to see action shots of your handiwork, and from so far away.  It really is a very cool thing and I think it was all very well received.  I am certain you will agree with me on that. now here, right near the bottom of page 19 you can see the sewn apron I made RecycleMicol, who has professed it to be PMS friendly, haw!  She cracks me up, I never would have thought of that.  Over all I think we had a great swap going there.  Actually I think we all did, there is some truly beautiful skeins in the gallery.  Check it out, if you are the sort to drool over yarn I hear whispers of a round three coming up soon, so if you did find yourself drooling a little, maybe you need to have a go.

Well, I’m outta here for today, this post is already too long.  But I have much more to catch up on.  Namely, the other swap I participated in, Craftster’s Worth Your While Apron Swap (round II); my newly finished tweedy braided steering wheel cover aaand I have begun a beret for the coming winter.  Inspired by Norah Gaughan’s modular capecho (On the cover of Vogue Knitting Winter issue).  Ah, but you’ll just have to wait and see.  😉

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