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Thunder Chunky

For those of you who may have suspected I may have been holding back from posting pics of my recently completed ‘beret’ unnecessarily.  For anyone who thought maybe I was exaggerating when I claimed this project to be a failure (an understandable thought, for we are all to often our own worst critics).  You can now see it, and judge for yourself.

Looks like a nice beret?  If you answered yes, you are wrong.  Sorry about that, it was cruel of me to ask in the first place I suppose.  What you are looking at above was supposed to have knitted up into a super cool beret (and perhaps it does look OK in this pic).  It didn’t happen though.  This is the nicest picture I was able to take of it, it almost looks wearable (a little over the top size-wise, but wearable).  Below, is what it really looks like, in black and white for no better reason than I like the way I look in monochrome.  Hey, it is a grey hat anyhow and if I am gonna put my failures on display, I’m gonna make sure I look nice doing it.

I present to you….. THUNDER CHUNKY!!!  The name really has a great ring to it.  🙂

Well.  What is a Thunder Chunky?  I’ll tell you.  I like to name my projects (actually, I name most everything, but never mind that), though rarely get around to it until after it is completed.  Even failures get names, but they usually get the same one.  You guessed it, Thunder Chunky.  It generally expresses my dismay at having completely botched a job I am quite capable of doing well, and makes me feel a little better about it all.  Mostly I feel better, because it injects a little humour.  Funny thing though, this is my first knitted Thunder Chunky, almost all others (including the one that started it all) have been culinary disasters.  In fact, the only other crafted TC I can think of was an ugly ball of ‘yarn’ I ‘spun’ last November.  If you want to see it (which I do not reccomend), it is pictured in one of my first ever blog posts.  Basically it is the colour of Cheezles (and other cheese themed savoury crisps and snacks, extruded and otherwise) and the texture of dreadlocks (the yucky ones, not the cool dreads either).  Blergh!

I promised I would not unpick this until after I had taken photos of it.  Now I can have my yarn back and please don’t ask me not to frog.  It is already done.  I have already begun re-knitting, but not my own design this time.  I’ll get back to designing after that, but not hats for a while.


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Yarn pictures, again

Just a quickie.  I finally managed to take (reasonably colour accurate) pictures of my new yarn.  The contrast yarn that will be knit into a vest with my gorgeous hand spun, that is.

This is as good as I will get, I think.

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I bought yarn!

Yeah, OK.  I know my yarn purchases are not normally newsworthy.  I buy yarn with a frequency that prompts me to keep it quiet, usually.  This most recent purchase is however, is noteworthy at least.  It is the first time I have bought yarn from Threads ‘n’ More (a store in the suburb of Bardon, just about the closest thing Brisbane has to a yarn store), don’t worry I don’t plan on making a habit of it.  I can just hear a chorus of voices, the gals from the Brisbane S’n’B, urging me to step away from the dark side.  🙂  Heh.  It is all good, my budget would never tolerate me spending any kind of time in that place anyway.  Remember the yummy skein of yarn RecycleMicol spun for me (the first one, in blue/rainbow merino), well I needed to match it to a yarn that would work with the colour scheme.  It had to be a compatible thickness and of good quality too.  I knew I’d be upset some time in the near future if I had knitted up RM’s yarn with something cheapo.  Hmm, so I ended up with 2 balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed.

Did I go overboard?  Yeah maybe.  🙂  As is the way, this picture doesn’t really show the colours accurately.  The purchased yarn, is not grey.  It is a deep warm blue, quite dark.  The flecks in it are quite rainbow-ish, but still quite subtle.  I wanted a darker colour to make the handspun pop.

 More pictures of the ill fated beret of my own design.  Because I like to make fun out of my misadventures.  This pic below was taken after I ‘finished’ it. 

You can see the beautiful starfish shape at the centre there.  That was the hole point of this.  I really wanted a beret with this motif on top.  Trouble is, my design was flawed.  It looks like this from the side (pic taken before seaming)

Ha, ha.  I really is frick’n hilarious.  As you can imagine, I am reluctant to be seen in it long enough to have my picture taken.  You will not likely ever see a picture of this with someone in it.  It is huge!  And it is pointy, terrible.  When I have gotten over the whole episode and after I have completed a few important projects I will come back to this.  I’ll unpick the whole thing and make a very simple beret, from a pattern.  Maybe I will be brave and incorporate a few (simple) cables.


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Updates all round, with pics, lots of pics

OK, the deal is today, that I am really behind on everything so I am gonna aim for lots of pictures and few words this post.  We’ll see if that is something I can achieve, I am unsure myself.  BF does sometimes call me Reed (after Reed Richards of the FF, a man of many long words indeed), so I’d say he would think I’d fail in this.  In fact so far, this is beginning to look wordy already, oh boy.

crocheted donuts

The crocheted donuts I promised a picture of last post, before Photobucket disappeared on me, that is.  Yummy yeah?

crocheted apron

The apron I crocheted for RecycleMicol.  Also a pic I promised last post before I lost my ability to link to ’em.  Yes, I realise this apron is not a practical one.  It is not meant to be, it is a means to identify the wearer as the hostess of the party.  🙂

Now, the other item I missed out on showing off was my new steering-wheel cover.  Check it out.

Cabled steeringwheel cover

My own design, tweedy braided cables.  Now my hands won’t get all scorched after parking out in the Brisbane sun, yeah! 🙂  I am loving this.  I want to make little matching cushions to throw in the back seat.  I never have passengers anyhow, so the space is not used, but I fear this will look a bit tragic.  Jane Feebles has already given me a very stern warning against covering a tissue box to stick on the rear parcel shelf.  I think she used the word ‘forbid’ in there somewhere, so I promised not to (not that it had yet occurred to me anyway).

close up of braided tweedy cables

Here is a nice li’l close up of those nummy braids.  This was before I installed the cover, I think, so the braids are a little more stretched out than this picture shows.  But you get the general idea.

Last post I mentioned that i am working on a cabled beret for this winter season.   Well, it is still a work in progress.  It isn’t actually going all that well, I have finished twice already and neither result was a good one.  Here is a pic that explains the basic idea and my inspiration some.

swatch for handspun cable beret

We’ll call this the swatch OK.  I reality this is what is left after partial ripping back of attempt number one, but it doesn’t matter.  Some of you will recognise this, it is a single motif from Norah Gaughan’s Capecho pattern (on the cover of Vogue Knitting Winter 07).  I love the capecho, but I really do not like making modular projects, so I won’t be making one.  I love this motif though, with it’s little starfish like centre where the cables join.  It is simple, but oh so effective.  Brilliant.  So I figure, it would make an awesome beret if I just elaborate on it a little more.  Easy right?  Well, it ought to be.  I am having troubles with it though.  My first attempt actually worked, but it made for a close fitting beanie shape, not the super slouchy beret I had envisioned.  So I had another go.  I finished that just this afternoon and it is truly heinous.  I will show pics as soon as I have ’em, for gag value more than anything.  You WILL get a chuckle out of it.  My beret looks like something a jester would wear if aran had ever been fashionable at court.  Scary!

Obviously, I have failled the wordiness challenge today.  No mind, I am OK with that.  One last picture though.

progress shot of extreme tea cosy 01

This is the first (and possibly only) progress shot I have for you all of my extreme tea cosy.  This yarn knits up handsomely, and quickly too.  These two swatches are the sides of my cosy.  I expect the next pic you’ll see of them, will be of the finished piece.  It looks like I may well have enough left over for a mat to go underneath, too.  That is good mileage from a mini-skein I think.  🙂


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