I bought yarn!

Yeah, OK.  I know my yarn purchases are not normally newsworthy.  I buy yarn with a frequency that prompts me to keep it quiet, usually.  This most recent purchase is however, is noteworthy at least.  It is the first time I have bought yarn from Threads ‘n’ More (a store in the suburb of Bardon, just about the closest thing Brisbane has to a yarn store), don’t worry I don’t plan on making a habit of it.  I can just hear a chorus of voices, the gals from the Brisbane S’n’B, urging me to step away from the dark side.  🙂  Heh.  It is all good, my budget would never tolerate me spending any kind of time in that place anyway.  Remember the yummy skein of yarn RecycleMicol spun for me (the first one, in blue/rainbow merino), well I needed to match it to a yarn that would work with the colour scheme.  It had to be a compatible thickness and of good quality too.  I knew I’d be upset some time in the near future if I had knitted up RM’s yarn with something cheapo.  Hmm, so I ended up with 2 balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed.

Did I go overboard?  Yeah maybe.  🙂  As is the way, this picture doesn’t really show the colours accurately.  The purchased yarn, is not grey.  It is a deep warm blue, quite dark.  The flecks in it are quite rainbow-ish, but still quite subtle.  I wanted a darker colour to make the handspun pop.

 More pictures of the ill fated beret of my own design.  Because I like to make fun out of my misadventures.  This pic below was taken after I ‘finished’ it. 

You can see the beautiful starfish shape at the centre there.  That was the hole point of this.  I really wanted a beret with this motif on top.  Trouble is, my design was flawed.  It looks like this from the side (pic taken before seaming)

Ha, ha.  I really is frick’n hilarious.  As you can imagine, I am reluctant to be seen in it long enough to have my picture taken.  You will not likely ever see a picture of this with someone in it.  It is huge!  And it is pointy, terrible.  When I have gotten over the whole episode and after I have completed a few important projects I will come back to this.  I’ll unpick the whole thing and make a very simple beret, from a pattern.  Maybe I will be brave and incorporate a few (simple) cables.


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6 responses to “I bought yarn!

  1. that beret looks lovely – did you block the hell out of it? i often put plates inside of my berets to make them keep their shape. another thing is to knit on smaller needles so that the yarn is stiffer and it will hold the shape you want. besides the hugeness, it doesn’t look like such a bad design to me!

  2. Oh, I’ve missed so much! I seriously have to check this blog more often! Yes, we had such a fabulous swap…I can’t wait to see the finished tea cozy!
    The companion yarn for the blue handspun looks fabulous…even though I know the colors are not accurate, I imagine that it will be incredible made into a vest!!! You’ll have to get someone to take some pictures indoors once you get it done. The natural light is what washes my colors out on my digital camera, maybe that’s what does it to yours as well.(?)
    I was such a proud swap partner, I couldn’t gush enough about all your stuff! And that crocheted apron! I have not ever had anyone crochet anything so perfect for me in all my days! I could gush more about all of the swap items, but I would be repeating myself! Just know that I love them all and we are always showing off the stuffies and aprons!!!!

    Your friend,

  3. Oh Cosymakes. I may have to get a picture of this beret on an actual head afterall. It is just that huge! Actually, I can probably get away with wearing an OTT beret. It is the pointyness I cannot stand. I did not space out my increases/decreases enough, and as a consequence I have six hideous pointy bits jutting out every which way. They are not small either. To top it off quite literally, it is pointy on top too. It is the nature of the motif to point up a little in the centre. If ever I am brave enough to get a photo of this thing being worn, I promise you will laugh.

    Thanks RM for the kind words. I always like those 🙂

  4. oh, so sad… but now i have to see a picture.

  5. I’ll do a quick trip around the office looking for volunteers. 🙂

  6. janefeebles

    I’m sorry MissV, but when I looked at that side shot, I saw something completely different… that also would deter one from wearing it on one’s head.
    I know, I know, I have a dirty mind, I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I was born that way

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