Back to normal?

Well, I disappeared for a while there.  I won’t bore you all with why, well not the long version anyhow.  Sadly, I wasn’t swamped with swapping duties.  No, I was working.  Unusual I know!  Basically I have been doing two jobs, and neither of them very well, because – well it just seems to work that way.   One of my work colleagues went and got herself a ‘real’ job a few weeks ago.  I have been trying to hold the fort since, as she has not yet been replaced.  It could be a few more weeks yet, that is the worst part.  So I have been stressed out of my brain and it is not quite over yet, I am hopeful though and things are begining to ease up.  At least by the end of this I’ll have someone I can ‘do lunch’ with, away from the office.  Soon, I hope, things will be back to something resembling normalacy.

Now, I have been knitting all this time, although not as much as normal.  I just haven’t had time to advertise the fact.  In fact I had to cut out a lot of stuff, exercise was the first thing to go.  Basically I have been working, knitting, eating, sleeping and nothing else.  I did make it to S’n’B last Tuesday though – speaking of which…


Lookee what I did!  I got so excited about tomorrow being World Wide Knit in Public Day tomorrow that I decided yesterday that I’d need a comemorative tee to wear.  Well, I didn’t mess around folks (this time), it is done.  I worked out the design at morning tea, bought a plain red singlet at lunch and I drew the design on this morning.  I went with a singlet so I can layer it up easily and ‘cos I am a cheap ass.  🙂  I am going to add a bit of a line about WWKIP day under the design this evening.  Hopefully I’ll have action shots to show off after the weekend.

A quick rundown of what is on the needles (STILL!). 

  • Diagonal rib stitch scarf, camel coloured alpaca blend.  To match my aviator cap.
  • Cotton dishcloths for a Craftster swap with Whiskey.  Details must remain a secret untill Whiskey has received (I am posting the package of today), I hate to spoil surprises.
  • Rock ‘n Roll scarf for Dale who kindly gave me a very large stash of knitting books that belonged to his Mum.  How nice is that?  Well, it deserves a scarf I reckon.  Thickly striped red, grey and black alpaca blend.
  • To the extreeme tea cosy, handspun yarn from RecycleMicol.  Yeah, I know I suck for not finishing this already.
  • Merino red/multi coloured socks for Lady Llanalla’s baby.
  • Crochet braid to edge picnic blanket.  Red, black and white acrylic.
  • Triple stranded crocheted/knitted umbrella cosy to match blanket braid, also red, black and white acrylic.
  • Grey beret attempt number 5 (#4 is a good lookin’ beret but not poofy/slouchy enough, # 3 is the infamous thunder chunky in last post), handspun wool/soy silk.
  • Cushion cover for my car, various grey yarns.
  • Cotton Betty Boop half apron for Sarah’s birthday.  OK, it isn’t on the needles as such, but if I put it on the list, I may just finish it.  🙂  Pattern is cut, just haven’t started sewing yet.
  • Shiny grey/multi cotton lace scarf.

I wonder if I can fit all my WIPS in my trolley to take along on Saturday?  Maybe, but then I wouldn’t have enough space for cookies and that isn’t cool.  Be there kiddies, at Southbank, come knit up a storm!  Heh, did I mention the cookies?


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2 responses to “Back to normal?

  1. wow, if i have more than 4 WIPs i feel extreme guilt and do not allow myself to cast more on. i feel like i can give myself permission to work on more projects now!

  2. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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