Please bear with me…

… I am working my way through a mountain of pictures at the moment.  I have a lot to share from the exploits of the past week or so.  I have FOs, snortles, chuckles, new WIPs and outgoing swap items too.  I have so much I’ll have to try to spread it around a bit so I don’t clog things up too much, some here, some on the Brisbane S’n’B blog and some over at Craftster should do it.  I think I’ll keep some for ‘ron too.

So why so many pics to crop, colour balance and compress?  Last weekend was a long weekend, so I had an extra knitting day and more importantly, one less work day.  Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day, I got a fair bit done then.  A fair bit of knitting, a fair bit of gas-bagging, a fair bit of eating.  Heh, special occasions are an easy mark for someone like me, always looking for an excuse to feed myself something yummo.  So I managed to work my way through, Canadian pancakes, a hot choik, a white choc filled banana and a lot of double chocolate chip cookies.  Whoops!  After we were done with WWKIPD some of us hit the LifelineBookfest, seeing as we were in the neighbourhood.  I did well this year, which means more pictures you see.  I picked up literary classics, sewing guides, knitting books, crafty periodicals and a good many knitting patterns.  This year I limited myself to knitting patterns only fitting one of three criteria (crochet patterns are that rare a find at Bookfest that I’d use very little discretion there); contains something I would really like to make sometime, features a celeb (no matter how small) as a model; contains amusing photography, especially utilising odd props.  I scored some from all three categories, mostly of the last two interestingly enough, no crochet patterns this year.  I went back for more books the very next day, but did not do as well.  My advice for those who wish to attend the next LifelineBookfest, wear overly sensible shoes, take a trolley of some sort and drive in and park close or get someone to pick you up.  I always advocate the use of public transport, but it is awkward with the number of books you’ll will be lugging home in flimsy plastic bags and so don’t plan to catch the bus home that day.  Try to opt for a train, much more room for that trolley you need to cope with all that weight.  🙂


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