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OK, I promised pictures.  Here goes…

Wanna see what I was up to this weekend?  Well last night I dyed, a lot.  Above, that is all of it.  Wool and silk.  Yummy.  Please excuse my poor excuse for a front yard, we are in the middle of a drought here.  I should drape yarn about more often, it makes the place look a lot nicer.  😉

This close up is of the double knit weight wool I dyed for baby hat making purposes.  I know the colours are not baby typical, but you know I hate typical.  Just trust me, it will work well with the design I have picked out.  The orange and brown share a skein with a little red that this pic doesn’t show, the orange is from tangerine Kool-Aid and the brown is from tamarillo Kool-Aid.  Yup, you can get a nice brown from Kool-Aid, without mixing colours, you just need to get your hands on some of the Mexican stuff.    Both of the greens share a skein too, the lighter shade is Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid and the darker shade is green easter egg colour.  I tell ya, that easter egg dye packs a real whallop.  I did not use much at all, only about two thirds of the packet.  I had enough left over for a few projects I think.

The skein in the middle above, is fingering weight wool, in grape Kool-Aid and left over Easter egg dye.  To the right is a small skein of reclaimed silk, I dropped into the green dye, still left over, it did not take up dye as well as the wool, and came out much more of a teal.  I have heard of different colours taking up at different rates and as you will see this is definately happening with my green stuff.

Above is another skein of teal silk (left), a super mini sized skein (middle) again in the same green dye, I expected it to be lighter but it is also much more of a yellowy shade and not at all teal.  On the right is reclaimed silk again.  This red was a bit experimental, I wanted to see how well I’d go using the red food colouring from my pantry.  It is the expensive powdered stuff and I wasn’t all that impressed.  It did not disolve well, and I just could not get the yarn to take much of the pigment up.  I will definately stick with red Kool-Aid or egg dye in the future.  Still, I got a nice shade here, just not a very intense one.

I also did a bit of a make-over on a jumper Saturday.  I don’t have an after shot for you all yet, I wanted to wash it first.  But here is the before pic. 

Not bad really, but I bought this years ago before I was a knitter.  This means it is acrylic, it is soft though, I am lucky there.  I bought this because I thought it was interesting the way your shoulders poke out.  But I really don’t like turtle necks, there is really no need for them in Queensland so I don’t see the point in looking so chubby in the neck.  Besides, I’d rather wear a scarf.  So I decided to remove the neck altogether, I just wasn’t wearing it so I had nothing to loose.  It didn’t turn out to be constructed in such a way that made it easy to remove the turtleneck, but I hacked into it anyhow, determined.  Some neck stitches were dropped and I had to unseam the shoulders to make it all happen.  No problem, I picked up the stitches, cast off the stitches and re-seamed the shoulders.  No problem.  By now I had been at it a lot longer than I thought it would all take, I got lazy and just finished the neck with a round of crochet (I was cold and wanted to wear it right away, everything else was in the wash).


See anything else missing?  🙂  I love cables but I don’t much like bobbles.  Sometimes they are OK, but I didn’t like ’em on this jumper.  And I noticed something odd about them while I was working on the neck.  See below, from the inside…

They aren’t ‘real’ bobbles at all.  The are little crocheted blobs that are tied on, the little tuft in the above pic are the ends they were tied on with.  So I cut those babies out, I expect the little holes where they were attached to dissapear in the wash.  I don’t really have a problem with this afterthought bobble technique, I guess.  I’ll certainly remember it, no doubt I’ll need it one day to jazz up a jumper that is boring and have not been wearing for just that reason.

Last Friday, I made a chunky scarf.  Miss Jane from Brisbane S’n’B would be proud of me I think.  She is our chunky scarf queen.

I knit this for my sister in law.  It was her birthday last week and I put this in with the rest of her goodies.  I got the idea Thursday night when I was cruising the isles at Spotlight checking out the yarn sale.  Because dinner was to be Friday night, it had to be super chunky.  This baby is six stranded, heh heh heh, it is in her fave colour combo and half the chosen yarns are a bit on the novelty side.  I know she likes a bit of pouf and glam now and again.  They go something like this…

  • Black boucle cotton
  • Charcol/black cotton blend
  • Black superwash wool
  • Black polyester eyelash yarn
  • Pale pink mohair blend with thin sparkly thread
  • Pink mohair blend

I knit it up on 15mm needles and got it done on time.  I think the eyelash and mohair yarns helped add a lot of bulk and help it keep it’s shape.  It was a hit.

 I made a chunky scarf for me too, a little earlier on in the week though, wednesday perhaps.  This one was knitted up on the 25mm needles I am so proud to have in my collection, but never seem to use.  Here ’tis

Yummo!  This is a six stranded stashbuster, it has all sorts in it, most of the yarns are blends of some sort.  It is about 30% synthetic, 30% wool and the rest falls under the ‘other’ category.  Linen, mohair and alpaca are all in there, a little bitty bit of cotton too.  🙂  Why did a colour loving gal such as myself have so much grey to stashbust in the first place?  I had been collecting it up to make stuff for my car, yawn!

I had so much miscellaneous grey yarn, that I had enough over to make a hat to match.  It is only four stranded and not a slouchy as I wanted on account of using 8mm needles which were a bit small for the job (I knew I had a 10mm circluar somewhere, but I couldn’t find it that day, it was in the back of my car, duh!).  But I love it and I look cute in it, so there. 😛

My own design too.   I really like the silhouette created by the knit stitch ridges, an unexpected design feature.

Gotta go, this post is crazy huge, sorry folks.  I’ll just have to catch you all up on the rest later and/or elsewhere.  Tootles.


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