Dry yarn

The yarn I dyed a few days ago was nice and dry yesterday so I took it out for a photo session.

I think I love it even more now.  Both the orange and green on green one are incredibly squishy despite being bargain basement yarns (Dashing, part of Spotlight’s Basics range).  The pic above is not quite colour accurate, reality lies somewhere between it and the pic below.

I snapped my reclaimed silk mini skeins too, they lost a lot of colour when it came time to rinse but are all pretty shades.  Check them out…

I don’t know what to do with the silk yet, I only dyed these bits to see how well it took up dye.  These are probably only enough for the smallest of projects.  Lace headbands or crocheted flowers maybe, if I am lucky, maybe.  I have much more of it, in progressively bigger hanks.  These little bits were from the bands of an old knitted tee.  It had been knitted at a very small guage, too small actually, it had no drape, it was practically a silk box.  The sleeves and body will yeild quantities that will allow for much bigger projects.  Especially since I intend to knit it into lace and will use a much larger guage.  🙂

Another FO!  Yeah 🙂  Last night at my regular S’n’B I finished off my extreme tea cosy and had time left over to crochet a mat to match.

It is kinda hard to see the mat (with matching edging, of course) and bobble ended ties.  The Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House, has mood lighting at best.  The main part of the mat and the ties are crocheted in Filatura De Crosa’s Sympathie, it is 35% mohair, 45% Wool and 20% Acrylic.  Hey, only the best for my tea cosy.  The tea cosy itself is knitted out of To The Extreme, a handspun I received from RecycleMicol.  She has been waiting far to long (but quietly and patiently) to see her baby knitting into an FO.  Here is another pic, to do justice to both my stitching and RMs spinning…

This one is colour accurate too.

I don’t yet have a decent picture of the matching mat, but lets face it, the mat is an aslo ran anyhow.  Heck, my brown betty teapot is just an accessory now.  🙂

Just one last thing, it is not craft related, but it has been bugging me today.  So I’ll share.

What on earth is up with this?  I took this pic today in my lunch hour, when I was on my way to pick up crafty supplies in the Myer Centre.  Now, I know they are just manequinns, but there is some really odd imagery going on here.  I am certain I am overreacting, well I hope I am.  Possibly there is an add campaign that accompanies this, and perhaps it would make sense if I had seen it.  Could be that chicks in cages suspended from the ceiling (and a good floor and a half above the food court), is only weird when taken out of context.  Hmmm…


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One response to “Dry yarn

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I have been out of the blogging loop for a few weeks and LOOK at what you’ve done!!! Whoa. Seriously, the cozy is most adorable! The dyed yarns are scrumptious!!! The chunky hat/s and scarf is/are just amazingly chic!!!

    Wow. You rocked my socks off today! Thanks for posting such yummy goodness!!!

    Hugs from across the pond,

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