I’m so lucky :-)

I found goodies in my mailbox yesterday when  got home.  Dontcha just love that?

There was never any doubt in my mind as to Whiskey’s Queen-of-dishcloths credentials, not for a moment.  So when I found out she was to be my partner in Craftster.org’s Very Dishalicious Dishcloth/Washcloth Swap, I knew I would receive some cool stuff.  I would never have guessed though, that she would send me one each of my two most favourite ever dishcloth designs.  This lady has obviously done her research!  Thanks Whiskey 🙂  Here they are, snapped getting to know they locals…

What a bunch of posers they all are! 🙂  The guy in the middle is one I knitted for Whiskey, but was deemed unfit because it is too small.  Well, that and when I showed it to folks they thought it was a teapot doyley.  So he lives in my sink at home and I knitted something else for the swap.

Here is a close up or two, so you can all marvel at Whickey’s superior dishcloth skills…










The slip stitch one above and the garterlac one below.  They look like candy.

Both of these designs I had a go at knitting up for Whiskey as well, even though design choices were not discussed and was to be a surprise.  Sadly my garterlac cloth was very unattractive so I did not send it, again I made another.  I expected that my first attempt at this new design would not be very neat (I was right) and I would have been OK with that, but my chosen variegated yarn was a poor choice.  That is why it was so unattractive, the colour repeat was far too long.  So be sure to choose cotton with a short colour repeat like Whiskey has.  Oh, and if you are interested, the pattern can be found here …  http://criminyjickets.blogspot.com/2006/07/garterlac-dishcloth.html at Criminy Jickets.  This is a great blog, he always has yummy socks to show off so it is worth a look even if you are not a cloth fan.  This is where you can find the pattern for the slip stitch one… http://www.knittingknonsense.com/DW_cloth.html 

One other thing about the cloths I received.  They are huge!  Well, they seem huge to me, which means that mine are actually too small, I think.  I had been quite unsusre about how big they are meant to be, Sorry about that Whiskey.  Thanks again for making this one such a lovely swap experience, and taking the time to be so thoughtful as to really figure out what my faves would be.

Want to see more?  Check out the Gallery on Craftster, you may just catch the bug (bet you never imagined dish cloths could be fun) and end up joining the next round.

The Gallery:  http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=172662.0

Swap Discussion:  http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=169455.0

 Before I sing off for today, I’d like to give a shout out to the lovely ladies at Transit Centre News on Roma Street (Brisbane).  They have been looking after my crafty magazine and geeky periodical needs for a few years now.  They are the coolest!  How cool?  Well, as well as a newsagency they have a cafe on George Street (Kiss My Coffee) that has super cute yummy cupcakes for only a fews bucks.  Yeah, that is cool.  And it just got even sweeter.  See, this is the other reason I feel so lucky today, this was waiting for me when I got to the store today…

To some of you, this is no big deal.  But IK is a rare find on an Australian newsagancy shelf indeed.  Some of my local knitting pals had the good sense to subscribe a long time ago.   But I keep hearing whispers of them having trouble receiving their books on time, especially the first issue.  This scared me a little, so I decided to see if I could get it through my newsagency, oh and I am incredibly lazy about such things.  In the end it was a lot of trouble for the newsagency to get a hold of, it was was not on offer from their usual supplier and I know they had to make a lot of calls to make it happen.  I got a little excited about two weeks ago when I spied a copy of Interweave Crochet on the rack.  I didn’t know they had ordered that too, and surely this could be taken as a sign that IK was not far behind.  It is my hope that now that everything is in place, all will be hunky dory from here on in.  I just hope they end up selling a few extra copies, so it was worth their while.  Thanks again guys, you rock!



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  1. msfortuknit

    Cheers on the gifties and the IK!

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