and one more, makes three

I finally got around to making chunky grey wrist warmers to match my stashbusting beret and scarf from a few weeks back.

I don’t usually go for wristwarmers, I am more of a glove gal.  I prefer the elegant to, well, the chunky.  But this is a chunky set, so chunky wrist warmers seemed like the thing to do.  Well, that and I have been giving thought to constructing things from simple rectangles lately.  I wanted to try something I knew would work (I have seen these done before), before trying to design a beret that way.  I have been trying to design different berets of late, all without success.  Meh!

So there ya go.  I completed that set, busted six balls worth of stash and now I am warm.  Yeah for me.

I made a start on the first of two baby hats that will be knitted from my hand dyed yarn.  The spring and autumn colourways from a few posts back.  I still haven’t decided what to do with the Incredible Hulk yarn and it may well slip into oblivion (stash).  Now because baby hats knit up so quickly you’ll only get one lot of progress shots out of me.  Well, one for each hat that is, if that.  Here is what I have been calling the royal pixie hat, in my spring greens.

Modeled – as you can well see – by my good pal Starlight Foundation Balloon.  As I had no babes at hand.  You will have to excuse all the loose ends still hanging out.  Well I did tell you they were progress shots!

I like this one, it shows off the mitred top and you can just make out the little knob I added in the centre.  This is also the best view of the pointed brim at this stage.  I just love the way this colourway knits up.

There will be much weaving of ends and some serious blocking before this looks anywhere near as handsome as the image in my head is.  Not bad though, and this was my first time at using a provisional cast-on.  I can see why folks like the technique and we will be firm friends from here on out.  🙂

The finer details, just for reference.  I used less than ball of Spotlight Basics Dashing (it was cream, before I got at it with Kool-Aid and Easter egg dyes), it is about a double knit or perhaps light worsted weight.  It is my hope that I have enough left for socks, but there is probably only enough for toes and heels.  I knit it up on 5mm circular needles, sadly they were metal, I hope I find my bamboos soon as this yarn is pretty smooth.  The pattern is from The Domestic Sphere they have heaps of funky patterns on there, especially for little ones.  It is written to be knitted flat, but is super easy to convert for knitting in the round, it is practically done for you.  I think I’ll experiment with other ways of working the pointed cuff on the next hat though.  I figure there has to be a way to do it without all that breaking and re-joining of yarn.  Maybe short rows, or some kind of entrelac technique.  I think I’ll shape the top of the head differently too.  I love the shape as is, but I love variety just a little more.

 Last FO for this update is this…

This hat is for baby McDonnald (I won’t mention her by name in case her folks don’t approve), I hope they all like it.  This is the last of the yarn in this colourway, never to be repeated.  In fact, there are only two other hats in the whole world that share these colours.  🙂  What sets this one appart?  The crown…

The others had umbillical tops, but this one has a neat swirl.  Props again to Mr Starlight Foundation Balloon.  He is a little big for Ms McDonnald’s new hat, but didn’t grumble once.  🙂  I am one row of Kitchener stitch away from completing her a pair of socks too, so keep your eyes peeled for those.


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One response to “and one more, makes three

  1. janefeebles

    I love those little baby beanies! Thanks for the link, I’m kind of umbilicaled out myself.

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