Playing catch-up

Check out Nsharp’s post from yesterday, too funny 

OK, been out of commission waaay to long.  So I’ll try not to be too wordy here and make with a few pics each most to show what I have been up to this last month.  Basically, it was a bad month work-wise and it got in the way of everything.  I was still crafting though, I had to or I’d have gone nuts.  Um, well, more nuts that is, in a bad way not a good way.

Righto, first up.  Hats.

This one crocheted from Tiegh’s pattern I found on Craftster with Sean Sheep Classic from my stash.  Kinda cute.  See the original design here…


It is actually a bit rediculous, but I like it anyway.  I wanted as much slouch an pouf as I could get, to see what it would look like.  Now I know 🙂

This one above is the most colour accurate pic I could get.  Yup, that is Panda Vintage Hues you see there.

This last one best shows off the colour changes in the yarn (and the silly hole in the top I ended up with because there was so much bulk I couldn’t close the hole when I gathered it all).  🙂  I knit this darned thing three times before it looked right.  In the end I knit it sideways because the colours looked downright awful the otherway.   No pattern for this monstrosity, I just made it up as I went along (and ought to know better by now).

Next post, way cooler stuff than this to be quite frank with you.  Namely the awesome stuff Thewench sent me in Craftster’s Knit/Crochet Goodie Bag Swap.  She was such a great swap partner and the cool stuff I received begs to be bragged about one more time.  Also, more FOs, Miss Vicki knits continental and some stuff about my current swapping adventure.   This time it is all Aussie and it is all about the needle and thread!


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