Yeah I’m in! Ravelry, here I come.

Whooo hooo!  I got my Ravelry invite this morning.  I signed up straight away, looked for familiar faces and then ran back over here to WordPress so I could tell everyone.  Oh dear, how much of a yarn dork am I?  Wait!  Don’t answer that.  Believe me, if I knew how to make an eye rollin’ emoticon appear here, I would.  *sigh*

There is so much to explore, it is going to take me a while to get my bearings in Ravelry-land.  Sooo much to set up, but it is all fun so far.  I have managed to locate 2 of my fellow Brisbane S’n’B-ers, filled in my bio page (most of it I pinched from here on Stitches Anomalous) and signed up for the Aussie knitters group.  I figure that is the most important stuff taken care of.  Next I figure I’ll catalouge my WIPs, FOs and stash.

This will rock.  I am certain of that.  I seriously cannot wait to have a stash record, I tend to forget what on earth is in there.  So far there is just one thing I don’t like.  I will have to have a Flickr account, best I can tell.  Flickr is great, but I already have a Photobucket account that I opened for Craftster purposes (mostly).  I love my Photobucket, and I am not getting rid of it.  Sadly, I just can’t see how it won’t be a pain in the butt managing my picks in two places.  We’ll see.

Gotta run.  There is far too much Ravelry I have not yet eyeballed 🙂



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2 responses to “Yeah I’m in! Ravelry, here I come.

  1. yay, it’s brilliant isn’t it {time suck time suck} 😉

  2. I tried to find you on Ravelry but no go. 😦 My name on there is thewench yea! You got in! (sooo addictive…I’m on there more than *gasp* craftster)

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