Where did you knit today? II

This is episode 2 of ‘Where did you knit today?’, which is in fact pretty much just me bragging about being a part of the KIP (Knit In Public) crowd.  Over the weekend I decided it would do me some good to walk up a mountain.  So I did, and I took some yarn with me too, of course.

As you can see, Mt Coot-tha will not be winning any world’s largest competition anytime soon.  Well, at least the walking track won’t, it doesn’t start at the bottom.  But hey, that is soooo not the point.  After all, I got outside with the bugs and plants and such, I got some exercise and took some yarn along.  I think I did well. 

Here are some of the pretties I snapped on the way up (1 above and 1 below).

It wasn’t awfully steep, but I have been steadily getting out of shape since I took up knitting.  😦  Boy was I glad to see this sign…

  Heh, heh.

I finally got to the top, just to prove it I took a pic of the view.  If you squint some you shuld be able to see Brisbane City CBD off in the distance.

Well, that was all well and good.  I figured I deserved a coffee, so I ordered one and somehow managed to resist cake and such.  Then I managed to finally sit down and get out my yarn, notions and a stitch pattern book.  That was when I discovered that the yarn I had plucked from the stash that morning was a skein, doh!  I would not be shy about rolling it into a ball in public, but there just wasn’t enough chairs to accomplish this.  😦  It seems I had picked a time to be there that is very popular with tourists, there may have been a tour group there, I’m not sure.  So anyhow, I don’t have any in progress stitchy type pictures to show off.  You’ll have to make do with the view from the cafe and another of some flora I snapped, this time on the way back down.


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