Oh man, this is not cool.  Not cool at all.

Looks like a bit of a blank canvas doesn’t it?  Yeah, well it is not.   This pic was taken at 7am, but at 8am the morning before I had just finished tracing the design on to it.  They are supposed to fade over the course of a few days sure, but this was less than one.  All I was left with was a few faint pink splotches, nothing that resembled even so much as a short line.  😦

 (sorry about the grey spot in the middle there, it seems I need to clean my lens.  Ooops!).

This was a brand new transfer pen, I even splashed out on a flashy Clover one (it has an extra fine point and a very effective handy dandy eraser at the other end and cost me about double what I pay for the blue Sullivans ones).  The fabric was in a bag and did not get wet, so this excessive fading really is a bit inexplicable as far as I am concerned.  Geez, it really irks me to have to start again.  The transfer took me ages.  Arrrgh!!!  RANT, RANT, RANT.

 Okay, okay, I am getting over it, honest.  Seriously though, I really want this pen to work well for me, I can’t expect to be able to use the blue water-erasable ones for everything.  Oh and with that lovely fine tip and cool eraser it would be my new fave transfer pen, that is IF this incident turns out to be an isolated and freakish one.  I sincerely hope so, as there is just no way that I will be able to stitch all future projects such a short time-frame.

 Never fear though, these baby’s did come highly recommended to me, and by more than one person.  So I will be trying again and I have my fingers crossed.



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2 responses to “WTF?!

  1. that’s a little fast.

    glad you emb. you can help me when i get stuck. … please?

  2. Any time. It was advice from Jane Feebles of Craftster and Brisbane S’n’B that got me through that particular hurdle. Lay down as much ink from those purple pens as you can! It works.

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