Dye Fix

I have signed up for the spinning workshop at the local guild.  I went and visited them last Wednesday evening so I could hand in my cheque.  I was lucky enough to be invited in to their store while I was there.  it is just like a big old candy store, he he.  Well I must have stayed in there a bit too long, because I left feeling the need for a dye fix.  It was all I could to to resist the fibre urge whilst I was there (and I did it quite well I might add), but I couldn’t see any reason not to follow up on the dyeing.  Since then I have been quite productive.  I have dyed up 4 nylon sock yarns intended for lace, some of baby yarn, 3 hanks of wool/mohair blend and a bit of reclaimed silk.  I haven’t pics of those yet and some are still drying.  But here is a sneaky peek at the over-dying I did on an otherwise ho-hum ball of self patterning woollen sock yarn.

I am very happy with the result.  I find that a lot of the colours in self-patterning sock yarns really lack intensity.  This is not any problem, but is not to my taste.  The great thing about it though, is that the spots that had taken little dye previously, really sucked up my dye.  So my pink wash really made the blues quite pretty, even though I had figured I was only using enough to tint the white parts.  Where the blue portions had been a bit wishy-washy they are now richer and softly variegated.  Yeah!!  🙂

Oh yeah, nearly forgot the before shot.  Actually, it doesn’t look so bad in this pic.  Still isn’t ‘me’ though.  Yup, that is a ball of Hot Socks I was messing with, and it isn’t the first time either.  Mhwaa haa ha ha!!



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2 responses to “Dye Fix

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  2. Nice overdye job! I like it much better than the original…. less bland!

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