Pumpkin Bom

Introducing my first ever handspun yarn, Pumpkin Bom.  She is a little uneven, but she is fabulous, as far as I am concerned. 

I plied it, well, because that seemed like it would be much easier than the spinning so I figured ‘why not?’.  I think I was right.  It did my very overspun singles a world of good.  I ended up with what appears to be a balanced yarn, albeit one with varying thickness.  Interestingly enough, the thicker bits are at either end, so maybe I can knit it up to make that less noticeable.  Now there is only 20 meters of this stuff, almost exactly.  Any suggestions as to what I ought to make with 20m worth of 2 ply lucid orange merino handspun?  It is kind of a heavy aran to bulky weight once you average it out some (that is at least 12 ply to you Nana).  I think I would prefer to knit this into something seasonless, a tiny purse perhaps? 



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3 responses to “Pumpkin Bom

  1. That’s really lovely. I think a little purse would look very cute!

  2. That is so much better than my first handspun, actually It’s much better than my current handspun too!

  3. Great yarn – and great colour! Plying can do a world of good. A purse would be nice, or a beanie (not seasonless though). Knitting things sideways with long rows of garter stitch is often a good idea, as it hides the slubby parts.

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