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Whoooo hoooo!!

I haven’t seen it yet, so no pics and I really don’t have time left today for blogging…..

but I just got word, Dad has bought me a spinning wheel and dropped it on my front porch for me.  Gah!  It is gonna take sooooooo long to get home today 🙂


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Where to start?

Gah!  I am so behind I have no idea where to start.  ummm… here’s a picture

Yeah, I know, that was lame.  I suppose I should tell you all what on earth happened, ‘cos I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.  Yeah, it has been a long time since I last posted, much longer than the hiatus that usually occurs when things get too busy for me at work.  In fact things have gotten awful busy and calmed down again at work twice since 😦  The short explaination is that I learnt to spin (see pic above) and got bitten by the Ravelry bug.  Not a good excuse by any measure, but that is what happened.  I have never been good with my time anyway, but I do normally manage to make things run close to on time, normally.  I have been a bad girl these last two months.  Dragging my heels all over the place.   Here is another pretty pic

I still haven’t printed off the invitations for my Nana’s 75th Birthday party, should have done that two weeks ago.  I am yet to finish of the bear on the embroidery for Cmc_aust.  The apron swap?  Yeah I stuffed that completely, I was so late sending out the last part of that that, well I still feel bad.  I’ll be a while working that off my conscience, seriously, I have never sent so late.  Sorry guys!  I put off picking up my Knit Picks Options Set from the LYS, now I’ll be late starting Lady Llanalla’s nursing shawl.  I have not sent out Christmas cards yet, nor have I put up my tree and I have so much to do around the house it really isn’t funny.  Oh dear, now it is beginning to sound like I’m just complaining, that is not the idea.  Here look, some soy silk mmmmm…

Right.  So here is what I am to do, aside from just getting my arse into gear.  Post for you all some FOs, I have some that were for Lady Llanalla’s baby shower that haven’t made it up here yet.  They have been received now, so that is fine.  I also need to post up all the awesome stuff I have received, a package from LL, a secret santa package possibly from a fella in Ohio (not sure yet, my SS has not made themselves known to me since I received my gift) and my apron from the embroidery tour.  Yes, that is the tour I messed up.  It is rather unfair, but I just happened to get my item back first.  Some are still out there, which is sucky, did I mention the guilt yet?  OK, back to the plan.  I need to share all about learning to spin, which has been nothing short of exciting, and about starting out on Ravelry (then becoming completely obsessed with it).  I have made a lot of great new friends on Rav and it is such an increadible resource, very enabling indeed.

Heh, guess what I have bought?  Yeah, a winder!  Anyone for cake?  Mmmm cake.

I have some dyeing to show off too, including some experiments.  Which reminds me, I am behind on the jelly experiments I am supposed to be doing.  Chalk that up on the to-do list.  That is another tale for me to share along with a little fulling and pattern testing too now that I think about it.  I will be sharing ll that too. 

Time to go.  Ya know, stuff to do 🙂  I’ll leave off with just one more picture.  This is the fibre I intend to spin for my Nana’s Birthday.  On the left is silk caps in blue and turquoise, the right is merino in grey, mauve and blue.  I am planning a 2 ply yarn, one of each fibre.  I haven’t decided if I want laceweight or fingering yet.  Perhaps I ought to go with fingering to save some time.  It would take me too long to spin lace on a drop spindle and I don’t yet have a wheel.  I was going to borrow a wheel over the holidays, but it is just to busy this time of year to make these things happen sometimes.  Fair enough 🙂 

Don’t worry, she doesn’t read this blog so I haven’t ruined the surprise.



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