No pics yet :-(

Well, I am back from my Christmas break.  I hope you all had a great holiday, with at least a little rest in there somewhere.  Mine was quite restive, I caught up on a lot of reading, watching, crafting and more reading.  I did manage to get my new spinning wheel to work.  He has been dubbed Hank.  It could still use a good service though, to iron out the wobbles.  But I got it working well enough to work up a few skeins of a silk and merino yarn for my Nana’s 75th Birthday.  Just as well, as I hate to think how long it would have taken me on a drop spindle.  I am 550 metres down, with about another 150-ish to go.  Sadly, I don’t seem to be able to get my USB to do it’s thing this morning.  So pictures of my new wheel and Nana’s yarn will have to wait a bit 😦

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One response to “No pics yet :-(

  1. riiiiiiight.

    do i smell a coveter? hm? do i sense that you don’t want to share?

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