New tools, WIPs and yarn. PIC HEAVY

Meet Hank everyone.

…and just in case you weren’t sure just which Henry I named it for…

I am certain you will agree that Hank sounds more yarny than Henry 🙂  The bust was one of my Christmas presents, by the way.

I promised to show off my new drop spindles too, so here they are.

Paua shell above, and jade below.

Both are from ButterflyGirl’s Etsy store.  Should I be concerned that her drop spindles are habit forming?  Her stuff now accounts for more than half of my drop spindle collection, and that that includes the broken ones.  Haw!

Alas I have been too busy since the arrival of these toys and I have not had a chance to play with them.  But I know what I’ll be spinning when I make time though.  Merino tencel blend fibre hand dyed by Ewe Give Me The Knits.  Yummy!  It is as shiny as it looks too.  Can’t wait.  I think I’ll spin it fine and Navajo ply it, but we’ll see.

Anyways.  Obviously it is still Christmas at Miss Vicki’s place, goodies just keep arriving.   One arrival that was a great relief to me was that of my new Knit Picks Options set.

OK, so I didn’t really NEED more needles. bUt you know how it is, and besides, that is why I lay-by’d the set instead of shelling out over a hundred bucks for them right away.  Yes, you heard that right, they cost me a lot 😦  You can see why I was concerned when I finally went to pick them up last month, and was told they were lost.  Arghhh!  Like I needed another reason to complain about my local yarn store!  But eventually they were found and posted to me.  I am much happier now that I have been able to test them out, very nice indeed.  My first project using them is a shawl for Lady Llanalla, in fact I had put off casting on for it so I could take advantage of the extra long cord in the set.  I need to get cracking on that now too.  This shawl is to be a nursing cover up, and as the Lady’s baby has now been born I am sorely behind.  CONGRATS LARRY!!!

That is tools taken care of.  What else did I promise you pictures of?  Oh yeah yarn.  Well, I ought to start with the merino and silk yarn I mentioned just a few posts ago.  It is only fair seeing as I have already flashed the un-spun fibres at you.  Remember?  I was going to spin a 2 ply yarn for my Nana’s 75th Birthday, one of merino and the other silk.  Well, here is what it looks like.

One more pic to prove this was a Hank spun effort, below.  That is the merino strand you are looking at.

I think Nana really liked it.  She is yet to swatch and decide for certain, but she is planing on knitting a Snakes and Ladders Shawl out of it.  I have so far spun 3 of the 4 skeins, I just hope that the thickness has not changed any.  I am scared that it will because I have already given her the first two skeins. 

More yarn.  This is what I received from my secret Santa.  Thanks Djdhaysjr, you rock!

It is soft and yummy.  My feet are gonna love it 🙂

You wanna see my current FOs?  We’ll OK, but I can’t show the nursing shawl yet.  Not that it is a surprise or anything.  Just that it didn’t photograph well against a cream background.  Yeah, it is cream, so of course that didn’t work.  LOL.  What I can show you is another One Skein Wonder.  This was taken when I was halfway done.

I only have ribbing left to do now.  But I am saving that for when I get sick of the plain cream knitting of the nursing shawl.  I can’t help it, I just need colour.  If I go without for too long, I get a bit nuts.  So I have wisely (I hope) left this baby unfinished for when that time comes.  You see, because the OSW is almost finished, I need not fear my getting carried away with it.

Just a few posts back I was showing off a partially knitted sock.  Ermm, ah well, I still have not finished it. 


The second sock is at least 3/4 done, but I have not touched it for over a month.  Sadly it will have to wait until after I have completed the shawl.  But then I will be released from my sock slump and be free to begin a more exciting pair.  Most likely these will be in Lorna’s Laces (for obvious reasons) or Noro Sock.  Of which I may or may not have ordered a ball when no one was looking.  *cough*

Next time I’ll have for ya, the shawl WIP pictures as promised.  Some more FOs to show too, four bags I finished back in November.  Three fulled ones that I made for stash-busting purposes and one knit that was a pattern testing effort.  Before I go I wanna leave you all with the picture I have been promising to show for much longer than all the rest.  Finally!  An action shot of my awesome apron from the embroidery ring.  It is not a great pic by any stretch.  It is however, the best I have managed to take so far.



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2 responses to “New tools, WIPs and yarn. PIC HEAVY

  1. you scored big time! ooooh, nice pearly spindle. do not drop.

  2. Aaaaaa…I’m officially jealous of you! 🙂 Those needles. That apron. Your spinning and fab colorways. Yikes!!! THAT WHEEL and your SPINDLES! Beautiful!!!

    I’m so ultra proud for you, Bik!

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