mid Jan update

OK well, I still have not finished the nursing shawl for Lady Llanalla.  But I will show a pic of what it is looking like, but be warned it doesn’t look exciting yet.  This pic was taken over a week ago, it is bigger now.

I have not made any more progress on my socks.  None on the most recently cast-on One Skein Wonder either.  Both are patiently waiting for when I need nursing shawl breaks.  I have already had two such breaks mind you.  The first resulted in a Sugar’n’Cream dishcloth in twisted texture stitch, a new stitch for me, lifted right out of my Harmony Stitch Guides (vol 3, I think).  I doubt anyone wants to see that, so no pics, but I can get ’em if need be, it has not seen any scrubby action as yet.  

Oh and the other break produced this.

It is from a tiny skein of my Acid hand-spun, not the one I have in my Ravelry stash.  Which was my third ever wheel spinning effort.  No this skein came from the fibre leftovers from that.  That is why it is sooo short, the colours did not twist together as much with this one either.  What I find funny is how at the cast on edge, the colour repeat is only just enough for a single (seven stitch) row – just before the halfway mark this average bumps up to just a little more than 3 rows.  This is because the yarn was spiral dyed.  Had this yarn been spun from a leftover section that had been from the full length of the skein (it was only half), the repeats would have grown in width once more.

Know what else I have not done?  I still have not spun up that merino/tencel fibre I flashed at you all last week.  Ooops!  I still have not decided what to knit from that purty purple Lorna’s Laces from last post either.  I am now leaning towards a fingerless pair of Motorcycle Chica Gloves (from the Summer ’07 issue of Interweave Knits mag http://www.interweaveknits.com/preview/2007_summer.asp ) but I am still unsure.  Maybe I should make a lace scarf?  Dunno.  To make matters worse in the ‘I am indecisive about what to make from my luxury sock yarn’ department, have received more.  This ball from the lovely Spiraling from Ravelry.

Whoo!  I am sooo not complaining about this 🙂  The colours are luscious.  Mmmm  I love me some stripy and multi-coloured socks, and few do that as well as Noro.  Yeah for Noro Kuyreuon Sock!

To be fair, I have finished the last of the spinning and finishing of the yarn for my Nana.  I am looking forward to the excuse to bust out my ball winder again.  Time for another cake party, wanna join me?



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2 responses to “mid Jan update

  1. I am seriously loving the colours in your scarf, not to mention the Noro sock AND Lorna’s laces… me? Jealous? nevaaaa! lol.

  2. Wow, awesome colours on that scarf……
    but what I am super jealous over is the Noro Kuyreuon Sock Yarn!!! You lucky gal!

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