Blue Faced Leicester

OK, now I get it.  I have heard folks on-line gush about BFL (that’s Blue Faced Leicester if you have not come up against the term before) and I wondered about it.  Until now that is, I scored some that was hand dyed by the ever lovely Mandie of Ewe Give Me The Knits! fame.  I wanted so much to test it out after an inspiring evening with the Night Owls group over at the Queensland Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists one Wednesday night, that I just sat down to the wheel and spun it all.  I did it thick and quick, without my usual concern for keeping the thickness even.  I had two 100 gram baggies, each a different colourway.  I just filled a bobbin with each and plied them together, however they came.  This is what I got…

Yummy!!!  This stuff wanted to be yarn.  It was easy to spin as the staple length is reasonably long (but no not overly) and it has a lot more crimp than I am used to.  I have been spinning a lot of merino and blends lately and they are quite slick and fairly smooth compared to this.  Oh it is so soft and squishy.  It is not as soft as merino, but it is clearly soft enough, as I am not finding it irritates my uber sensitive skin.  Yeah!!!  The squish factor is something I have not experienced before in my spinning much.  Mostly I have only obtained it with coarser breeds, so I am very excited to get so much squish here in combination with so much softness.  Drool…

Now, if only I could work out what it wanted to be.  I am knitting a giant swatch with it at the mo’.  Perhaps after I see how it behaves as a knitted fabric I’ll have a better idea of what my first BFL spinning effort is destined to become?

Next on the spinning front.  I am spinning another EGMTK! hand dyed find.  This time it is a merino and tencel blend in candy shades of lime, pink and yellow.  Kind of like those musk sticks, know what I mean?  Anyways, I am taking it slow this time and using my lightest drop spindle.  It will be a 3 ply sock yarn in the end, if all goes to plan.  The idea of making my own sock yarn has been a fave since I learned to spin, but so far I have been putting it off, despite stashing for it all along 🙂  I don’t have a pic of that yet, not spun anyhow.  Here is the fibre…


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4 responses to “Blue Faced Leicester

  1. Wow – your spinning efforts are so inspiring! I love the colours of your BFL – looks so nice together. Hope you find out what it wants to be soon 🙂

  2. Wow, that is some yummy yarn! Can’t wait to see what it decides to be.

  3. that middle photo is gorgeous. the spinning is, too, but the tree really makes the yarn stand out.

    spin for me and let me take cred, pleeeeze.

  4. Gorgeous colours in the spun yarn and the roving.

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