Monthly Archives: June 2008

Offensive AND Cute

Bad language ahead.  Consider yourself warned.


I have been having a bad day or two.  Someone has upset me very much by being a big meanie bum.  Much worse than usual.  I’d like to think I am a nice sort of person, so I don’t name names or talk behind backs.  So where do I put all that negative energy then? 

Needlepoint, that’s where.

I like to keep small cross stitch kits in the bottom of my craft bag.  When the going gets rough, one of them will be stitched, but not quite the same way the manufacturer intended.  It really makes me feel better.  The difference is amazing.  In fact, I am able to smile now, I feel happy.  How could I not, when that bear is so darned cute?  Well, he has done his job so well that I think I ought to name him.  How about Kieth? 😉

The finished product.  So adorable.  So rude.


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