Kitsch for coins

I have been looking for a piggy bank for a while. Just a little something to put my 5 cent coins in and keep on my desk in the office. Well, it has been ages now, it seems I was down on the designs out there. They were all too girly, sparkly or expensive for my tastes. I just wanted something simple and preferably not an actual pig. Heh. Well, I have one finally and wouldn’t you know it, pigs! Yup, not just a pig, but a whole stack of ’em.

These guys are so bad I had no choice but to declare them to be good. It helps that the price was right too. Two bucks at the dollar store on George Street (Brisbane), SCORE!



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5 responses to “Kitsch for coins

  1. Sandi(Evilknittingtwin)

    They are to cute!!! Happy saving………:)

  2. Betsy

    Oh wow, when you said ‘a stack of pigs’, for some reason I had envisioned multiple stackable piggy banks. Don’t ask me why.

    I love that they look like they’re having heaps of fun 🙂

  3. So funny! Glad you found one at the right price!

  4. Hehe they’re so cute! I have a cow bank that we call the Cash Cow. 🙂
    Where abouts in George Street is the dollar store? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it and I love dollar stores.

    • Up towards the Roma Street end of George Street. Umm… 2 or 3 doors North of Tribal Theatre (The Dendy that was). Between the student flights place and George Street News. Does that help? It doesn’t really look like a dollar store from outside, it presents as an independant convenience type grocery store. But ince you really get inside there proper it acts more like a dollar store and the best part is it is not stocked with the same old stuff as the others.

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