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Attempts at mindful knitting and self-denial

I promised myself I’d knit more mindfully this year.  I want to really see something for my efforts this winter ya know? Well.  Today’s Yarn Harlot post has me feeling nervous.  Not a good sign.  But perhaps it is better that I work through my doubts now rather than after many more hours knitting.  This is supposed to be a mindfully knitted project after all.  Some of my concerns I’ll hash out below.  I am going to be doing some measuring, by the looks of it.

The article in question

The article in question

Is it OK that I have been knitting to my actual measurements rather than with some ease? Maybe not.  After I realised I had done it, I told myself I like ‘em fitted and this will ensure the cables don’t sit all contracted.  Well, I DO like ‘em fitted, that is true.  I just do not know if zero ease is the best thing for this project, I guess I need to do some research on that.  I am not sure I even know how much ease this pattern is written for.  Oh wait, there is a schematic in the pattern, so I will be able to figure it out.  Good, that is a start.

When I tried this on (as best I could though there is only a back piece and I was alone at the time) it seemed to run short.  Yes, I did cut out many inches from the pattern length.  On purpose too.  But I am very very very short-waisted, so much so that you just about cannot imagine.  Still, I was aiming for hip length and don’t seem to be getting there, not quite.  And yes, before you ask, I DID swatch and I did measure myself correctly.  So I think the problem could lie perhaps in my ‘hip length’ idea.  I have thought about it since, and what I really want is a length that will cover the top of my jeans well even when I am seated.  Probably I need my cardi to do more than just reach my hip point.  This, I think, also requires a further investigation.

Cable Close-Up

Cable Close-Up

These seem like very reasonable concerns now I have put them out there.  I believe I was trying to quash them before.  And you know what else, I think this is the real reason I have stalled on cast-ing on for the two front pieces.  Yup, the whole project has lain dormant in my project bag for about 2 weeks.  I have been distracting myself with knitting baby socks, lots of them (I’ll show ’em off at a later date).  I know 2 weeks is not a huge stall, as far as these things go, but it was nagging at me.  Why did I keep putting it off when I had sailed through the first piece? Sure, it was a tad tricky but I did it quickly and enjoyed it.  Hmmmm, I think I know now.  I had a hidden fear of my continuing being a waste of time, but could not know for sure with the unacknowledged issues unaddressed.

Well, I feel a bit better.  But I am no closer to finishing a cardigan that fits, I may even be further.  :-/  I’ll have to get back to you on this one.



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