Lazy afternoon

I’m having a relaxed day today, it is lovely. I’ve slept in, flooffed away the last of my morning, popped on my new Erstwilder brooch, then set out to trawl a local op shop. It just seemed a good start to a fairly aimless day. I came away with some interesting vinyl records and a cute pinstripe pencil skirt, so yeah, good.


Now I’m getting in a few rows of knitting while I test out a new local bakery cafe. I have been meaning to get to Lift for some time and I’m not disappointed now that I’m here. The staff are lovely and everything looks tasty and exciting. I’ve just polished off a homemade chicken and leek pie with salad. I’m not usually a side salad fan, but this one I liked, I actually ate it all! The pie was impressive, I don’t ordinarily go in for those either, but it helps when the person recommending it to you is the one who made it (and is proud of their work). It was especially flaky on top and good and chunky inside. What’s not to love?


So now I’m knitting away, sipping on an in-house soda, pine mint, and contemplating finding room for a homemade eclair and a cold drip coffee. Perhaps to take away, that doesn’t sound do bad, right?



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